SharpRocket is a manual link building company based in Manila, Philippines. We specialize in custom link building services to improve organic rankings and long term search engines traffic.

We hand-crafted every link building campaign for clients ranging from small-size brick and mortar businesses to large brands with six-figure dollar marketing budget. All hard work is dedicated to providing sustainable white hat links.

We offer on what we think we are expert in and not just becoming another SEO company. We build authentic relationships and provide exemplary results.

Custom Link Building

Targeted link building strategies centered on branding and authority development to quickly grow your audience. Get the quality natural links you deserve.

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Agency partnerships

60% of our clients are SEO companies. They outsource all of their link work to us because of our expertise. Some link building agencies only offer discounts – we offer trusted partnerships.

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Enterprise Link Building

Do you struggle with scalability? We’ll work with your team to develop a plan, prepare for outreach and build authority links that will help your business grow.

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Infographic Design and Promotion

Uniquely designed and data-backed infographics with effective outreach marketing to increase exposure and build links to your site. Create a visual content asset you can be proud of.

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Content Creation and Promotion

Expertly-written content assets for your website that are aligned to your content marketing strategy. Invest in comprehensive resources that can bring incredible results.

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Want to learn more on how we can help you?

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Want to learn more on how we can help you?

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Alexey Nikolayev
Marketing Manager at TemplateLab

“SharpRocket provides high-quality outreach service you may trust. Acquired links were coming from authority blogs with real visitors and established audience. As a client, all my suggestions were taken into account. SharpRocket team built 70+ links for my website which improved a ranking for main landing pages.”


SEO Agency Owner / Founder of AgencyAnalytics

“I’d recommend reaching out to Venchito Tampon’s agency SharpRocket, I’ve had him build a few links for me. He’s fair price for the quality of links you get. Before he does outreach for guest blog posts, he presents the opportunities, and you have to OK them first. The articles that included my links were very well written. If you’re an agency who’s having trouble building links, using guest post services likes this can help.”


Omar Khan
Digital Marketing Manager of Agreed Technologies

“SharpRocket are one of the best companies for Blogger outreach and have provided amazing links from high authority domains from the same niche. They deliver what they promise in a very timely fashion. What they show in a case study (like Page One Power), SharpRocket delivers at its best. Highly recommended.”


Daniel Lofaso
CEO of Digital Elevator

“SharpRocket has surpassed their positive reviews tenfold. They are consistently ahead of schedule, well-organized, and deliver excellent links month-after-month for a fair price.”


Neeraj Kamdar

Marketing Manager of Orrasis

“Venchito and SharpRocket provide one of the best link building services in the industry. They are very efficient and timely. They help us build high-quality links for our clients.”

What we believe in


Our great business practice is to be transparent in what we do. At SharpRocket, we treat our clients' brands like our own. Providing them with lists of qualified target websites for approval allows them to see the big picture of where links will come from. We give our clients trust and confidence in our work even before they see our live links.


We work in the most unique industries on the web, giving us the ability to know what works and what's not. Our team makes sure every campaign is custom-built to achieve the client's business objective in a specific industry.


We secure the links that you deserve. These are links that can improve your organic rankings and traffic - helping you achieve your business objectives. We ask your link building needs before we start the campaign so we can ensure we hit them when we deliver links to you.


Our link building manager sends project updates every week and answers any questions you have in mind. Communication is our core competency, helping you relieve all your doubts and fears associated with risks investing for a link building project.


Some link building companies outsource their SEO work to freelancers and to other SEO companies - we do the job all in-house.

We hand-crafted every email we send to potential websites with efficiency and creativity - allowing us to get 8 to 15% conversion rate. Others use private blog networks and automation tools - our team offers manual ink building campaigns.

Recommendations from Top SEO Experts


Cyrus Shepard
Ex-Director of Content of Moz

“SharpRocket consistently shares insider knowledge and cutting-edge best practices in the arena of link building and content creation. Using this knowledge you could easily execute your own successful link building campaign, or better yet, hire their team to do it for you.”


John Doherty
Ex-Distilled Consultant / Founder of Credo

“Venchito and his team at SharpRocket are impressive. From their hustle to build their agency to their focus on quality, they’re a great link building agency to consider when looking to hire someone to take your traffic to the next level.”

The SharpRocket Link Building Process

In SharpRocket, our processes are simple. We want our clients to understand our work. We do not use any schemes that will only confuse them to appreciate the results we deliver to them. By being straightforward and transparent, we have maintained long-term partnerships with marketing professionals, SEO agencies and businesses. Here is a quick overview of how our process looks like:

We understand what a good link looks like in the industry.

Every industry needs a different kind of link. And by different - it means that the metric of a link in one industry differs from a link from another industry. Different industry permits different valuations of links to your site.

The value of a link depends on the industry.

Once we have initially discussed your business through a Skype call, we immediately look at your business website and its backlink profile.

We take a look at different backlink profiles in your niche. Then come up with a benchmark of metrics to follow.

We provide a proposal that suits your business needs.

Every link building agency provides a service proposal. What differs us is our ability to craft a proposal that suits your business' needs.

Our initial meeting with you or your team will give us an idea on what strategy to utilize in the campaign, what metrics to use as benchmark for links and how to attack every phase of link building to ensure we deliver long term natural links on time.

We share transparent documents with you or your team.

We manually find each prospect.

We have an in-house team of people whose job is to comb the internet looking for high-quality link building opportunities.

Our team goes through our proprietary list of search engine operators through search engines through Google prospecting.

Then, they record the opportunities in a shared Google Excel Sheet with the rest of the team (and the client).

We create content assets that are worth linking to.

Every other website needs a good reason to link to your page.

We perform a content analysis to see if there are assets already published on your site that are worth linking to.

If not, we will help you craft content assets that are worth linking in other relevant sites. These assets will continuously earn organic links as long as they are perceived to be valuable for a target audience.

We manually reach out to each prospect.

Our link outreach process begins as soon as the approval of link prospects is done. We’ll do the tedious job of reaching out to bloggers and webmasters, building relationships with them and asking to link to preferred pages in your website.

Our team is tremendously trained and skilled at getting your links placed.
If you are looking for a link building service provider who understands your needs, contact SharpRocket away. We'll be more than happy to set up a meeting with you.

Link Building Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results from link building?

Six months. This is the minimum period of time you can expect to see improvement in organic traffic performance of your site.

It may take longer or shorter than six months depending on the industry, its competition, its targeted keywords (and their level of difficulty), and available content assets on your site.

For example, here is a campaign we run for __ months. The client owns an eCommerce store that sells violins and cellos in Florida and other cities in the US.

As of today, the website ranks for the top 3 positions for the keywords, "violin" and "cellos" - highly competitive phrases with thousands in search volume.

Link building pricing: how much do link building services cost?

We charge our link building services on a monthly cost. Given a campaign runs at a minimum of 6 months, the monthly price is just multiplied by 6. We allow a one-month test trial for some websites, but we highly encourage our potential clients to avail a 3-month or 6-month link building campaign with us.

We also offer discounted packages for SEO agencies with bulk work. Bulk work means that these agencies will outsource three or more link building projects.

You can contact us now to know more about our pricing model.

How do I start building links?

What does a typical link building package include?

We do not offer "one size fits all" link building packages. We believe that each client deserves a customized link building campaign. So the efforts we put in every work are manual.

Is link building dead?

Link building is not dead. The dynamics of link building including processes have changed over the past years. It is no longer about the aggressive approach in acquiring backlinks from any websites, but is more focused on branding, developing highly-valued content assets and building relationships with relevant publishers.

What is SEO link building?

Link building is the process of getting other sites to link to your website. The process starts by finding other publishers relevant to yours, creating content assets to have a reason to link to you and reaching out to these publishers through email or other forms of communication.

Are backlinks important for SEO?

Definitely yes. Links is one of search ranking factors. It provides a way for a user to visit pages through pages. With clicks from users on links, it generates traffic to the page it was linked to. This allows more visitors to come to a certain website — eventually increasing assisted conversions or sales.

Do you have any other questions about link building services and packages? Feel free to send us an inquiry.

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