What is a Product Description?

A product description is a crucial piece of marketing copy that provides comprehensive information about a product, highlighting its features, benefits, and unique selling points.

It serves as a communication bridge between the seller and the buyer, giving customers the necessary details they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

At SharpRocket’s product description writing service, we understand the importance of creating a captivating product description that not only accurately represents your product but also resonates with your target audience.

We believe that a well-written product description can make all the difference when it comes to driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Our team of skilled writers is dedicated to crafting custom product descriptions that capture the essence of your product and your brand’s voice.

We steer clear of generic copy-pasting from the manufacturer, opting instead for a personalized approach that sets your products apart from the competition.

Whether you prefer a concise one-liner, a detailed paragraph, or a bulleted list of features, we tailor our product descriptions to suit your needs and preferences.

With our product writing expertise, you can rest assured that your product descriptions will be clear, concise, and persuasive, leading to an enhanced customer experience and increased sales.


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Product Description Writing Services by SharpRocket

Every sentence we craft fits uniquely within
your bottom line. A compelling product description always pays you back.

Natural Optimization To Rank Your Product Pages

Our product description writers will create unique pieces of content with natural variations for both online visitors and search engines. This means each of your product pages has a higher chance of ranking on Google and other search engines. If you have this strategy for your hundreds of product and category pages, that’s solid search traffic in aggregate.

Unique Content That Stands Out Among Other Sellers

You can’t compete with Amazon, Shopify, Ebay or Alibaba if you’re only copying and pasting manufacturers’ product descriptions. With our product description writing service, you get uniquely crafted content for your product pages. By featuring benefits that sell, highlighting what makes your website stand out (branding), and including details that others’ websites are missing with their product descriptions, your pages tend to outrank other sellers’ product pages.

Thorough Review

We allow all our clients to review our final content draft and let us know of any changes that need to be made – up to two revisions only. Once we’ve completed all the required changes, our team will proceed to the last phase, publishing the content.


Our content team will collaborate with your in-house team to publish the content with all the requirements needed. This will include adding visuals, tagging them into the right category, and optimizing the content for search engines.

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Product Description Writing Quick Guide

Every product page of your online store needs a well-written description to drive traffic, win customers, and increase sales.

But, how can you achieve it, and how real is the deal that our words have magic?

Product description writing is a service that ensures the quality and effectiveness of every content on your product pages.

It is a service that puts the power to words and brings you incredible results.

“My products already have label descriptions. I can just copy and put it on my site and hola! That easy!”

Yes, we know that all products have their own prewritten descriptions originally from manufacturers.

However, it’s not enough and won’t do any good to your online store if you’ll choose to be generic.

We craft personalized descriptions for each product in product description writing, giving your brand identity. This service includes highlighting the benefits and a few features of your product that sells.

Likewise, product description writing has the power to outrank your competitors’ product pages.

Therefore, increasing your self-confidence knowing that we can assist you in landing on the top page of search engines.

Honestly speaking, product description writing is a challenging task because we need to put all the details of your product together with its benefits with a limited number of words. Pretty hectic? It is! But we don’t worry about it, and you shouldn’t be because of this our expertise.

Aside from it, we also seek to ensure the correctness and appropriateness of every description before publishing.

There are many reasons you can trust us to keep an eye on your product descriptions. You always want to increase your sales and profit if you own an online store, right?

In fact, you’d do lots of promotions and advertisements so people can notice your product and purchase on your site.

Little did you know that having a well-written product description is one factor in growing your revenue. The more informative, detailed, and sincere you are in your descriptions, the higher the chance that your visitor will purchase at your store.

We knew lots of online stores that offer incomplete and default product descriptions. They didn’t know they tend to bore people, and we do not want you to be like them!

Another reason why you need a product description is for the sake of optimization. Writing unique product descriptions is one great asset if you want to optimize your pages naturally.

In addition, having descriptions on your product pages doesn’t only account for improving sales but can also help your site rank on search engines.

In this way, people can find you and distinguish you from other sellers.

In writing a product description, we usually follow these steps.

Define the target audience. We want to know who your potential buyers are. Are they Gen Z, Millenials, Gen X, Boomers II, or Bloomers I?

We know that every generation showcases various interests, and we need to include your target audience’s preferences in your product descriptions.

In this way, we can catch their attention and lead them to your page.

Emphasize the benefits of the product. Although we are excited to share the features of your products, it’s best to avoid them and just focus on the benefits.

Your potential buyers want to know how your product can help improve their lifestyle in one way or another, and that’s how we will do it!

Include relevant details and an emotional punch. Again, the details can be a few features, but we don’t stuff it with lots.

When we talk about relevant information, it could be the original manufacturer, available sizes, and product colors.

Aside from it, we don’t forget to elicit emotions by telling the inspiration or history of the product and how it can impact them.

Choose the right language and tone.

We understand that you want to sell, but we also don’t sound so salesly because it could turn off your potential buyers.

We utilize natural language and tone as if we were just starting a real conversation. In this way, customers can connect and relate to your brand.

Keep an eye on the length. Since people have a short span of attention, we always ensure that we provide scannable product descriptions.

We do not extend and fluff your product pages with unnecessary words.

Research and use keywords. We research keywords under your umbrella to include them in your product description. With the right keywords, your customers can easily find you.

Take advantage of images. Although we aim for product description, we also need to consider including a quality photo.

Your customers can clearly see the various features of your product that aren’t included in the description itself through a photo. Likewise, your customers can see having the product in their lives.

After drafting the product description, we always review it before publishing.

The answer varies, and it is relative to every product description writer.

Every writer needs to know the approximate length of each description, total items, and the writer’s pacing before computing their earnings. If a writer can make 5 to 10 descriptions per hour, he can earn $5 per item. With that being said, that’s $50 per hour.

Again, this is relative to every product description writer.

A product description includes all the relevant details about a product that your customers want to know.

However, we don’t forget that a product description should focus more on its benefits to potential buyers rather than its technical side.

How can the product provide ease to the everyday life of your customer?

Likewise, every description needs to tell how a product can solve specific problems, and we can definitely handle that.

People purchase because they need it, and we always want to showcase how your product can help them so they will be encouraged to check it out.

A product description’s length is dependent on the details of the product itself. Typically, a product description we make ranges from 300 to 400 words.

However, if you want to elaborate on the benefits, we can go over this word count, but we tend to make sure that it’s still straightforward and easy to digest.

We also combine paragraphs and bullets to present a product’s details. In this way, even if we go too far from the required word count, it would still be easy to scan for your customers.

It won’t be a big deal if you plan to copy the manufacturer’s product descriptions because it is considered legal.

However, you would be just like any other sellers out there who are too broad and generic when it comes to showcasing their products.

As a result, your customers won’t distinguish you from other stores, and you can fall behind the competition. It can even lead to business failure because you don’t establish your brand identity.

Moreover, if you plan to copy product descriptions from a different online store, that’s a big NO. No one is allowed to do this because your product pages will be tagged as plagiarized.

Once search engines have detected that you plagiarized the content, there are tendencies that you would rank lower than expected. Your store will also be hard to find and even reach by a majority of your target audience.

We believe original and fresh product descriptions are always worth it in the end. Producing high-quality and unique product descriptions does not have to be tough.

We are here to put your business in front of the game.

We believe that a good sentence for product description should include your target audience together with the benefits it can give.

It should contain power or catchy words that sell, such as eye-opening, pluck, fearless, magic, jaw-dropping, defiance, wondrous, and more.

We also avoid focusing on the features or technical aspects and stop including words to fluff.

We speak just what a real conversation sounds like and elicit emotions as much as possible.

Lastly, a reviewed and proofread product description would be the best for publication.

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