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What is Niche Edits Service Philippines?

Niche edit service Philippines is a popular query for Western companies looking for affordable yet, relevant and high-quality niche edit solutions.

Niche edits are a link building technique to place a backlink from an existing article on a website. Given the existing authority and link juice from its internal links, niche edits links has a high chance of boosting its destination page from its current rankings.

Editorially granted by publishers, niche edits are safe to acquire. Thus, eliminating the risks associated with manual and algorithmic penalties.

Niche edits service is an uphill task requiring writers and outreach specialists to prospect relevant publishing domains, select relevant articles, and nudge editors for link inclusion.

Partnering with a link building agency specializing in this area keeps you focused on the bigger SEO picture. We are like your second arm for growing your SEO clients.

Niche Edits: A Content-Based Link Building Strategy

Aira's 2022 survey revealed that 68% of SEO respondents used content to generate links when asked, “What techniques do you use for link building?”.

Either passive link building generated from publishing linkable assets or building editorial links from existing articles - niche edits. Both of these link building strategies can lead to skyrocketing SEO success.

Over the past years, niche edits were adopted as one of the primary link building strategies to use for local websites, DTC, and SaaS brands. It is attributed to the following reasons:


Scalability is an issue for most SEOs, particularly when trying to grow their SEO client base. In-house and agency SEOs must predict the number of links for each month to forecast better SEO success for their SEO websites. 

Niche edits service in the Philippines offers that guarantee. Through a set number of links built to destination pages (i.e., product pages), our SEO clients get to see its impact on direct performance. Niche edits are solid links and scalable services for any website.

Niche Market Leadership

Niche edits are a powerful tool to establish yourself as a market leader in your niche. You increase the perceived value of your brand by being included in list posts such as “Top 10 X tools in industry Y”, It demonstrates expertise and features your brand can differentiate among your niche competitors. 

Niche edits are more than a link building strategy – they are brand-building tools. It drives more brand awareness and greater exposure as more backlink inclusions are placed on relevant sites. It ultimately can make your brand a market leader in your space.

ROI From SEO Investment

SEO forecasting is an excellent way to foresee possible ROI from your SEO investment. But in the trenches, you wouldn’t know how many possible conversions you’ll generate by ranking for specific target keywords.

Identifying potential ROI from link building initiatives is possible. By identifying the link gap between your site against your competitors and crafting a niche edits strategy plan, you’ll see how many links you need to catch up on to reach top positions in search results.

Niche Edits Service Promise: Rank Your Product or Collection Pages with Guaranteed Link Placements

Choosing an exemplary white label link building service is crucial for quality SEO. However, not all link building companies are created equal, and some may fail to deliver. To ensure you make the best choice, consider these key factors:

niche edits service promise

Strict Vetting Process

Our link building agency implements an intensive approach to link prospecting and qualifying websites on metrics such as Ahrefs’ Domain Rating (DR). We check websites to see audience fit, social signals, traffic, and no signs for historical manual or algorithmic penalties. 

Strict as it can be, but that’s how we ensure the initial success of a link building campaign.

Pre-Placement Domain Approval

You only get links from sites you approve. We provide you with a list of relevant qualified websites for your review. If these domains with their target pages for links fit your approval, we proceed to outreach. For sites that don’t match your criteria, we’ll work to find alternatives. 

This smooth process gives you reasonable confidence in our work as we go through the link acquisition process.

Comprehensive Blog Review Process

Niche edit links will come from existing articles. Therefore, it doesn’t need to submit new content. We ensure every list post, product review, and relevant target page is qualified for readability, appropriate anchor text, and natural on-page linking. 

We strive for excellence in link qualification. So let’s see what level of quality you can expect from the next phase.

Guaranteed Placement & Replacements

We do all the leg work until the exact link placements of niche edits. We verify all links are optimized with non-aggressive anchor texts. The trustworthiness and reliability of links are vital parts of successful niche edits.

So, you can focus on heavier SEO tasks and grow your SEO sites further and faster.

Superior Client Satisfaction

For accessible communication, you’ll work directly with our Operations Head, who develops a strategy and implementation across all niche editing link building campaigns. Send us a message via Skype or email. Our prompt response is notable feedback from our clients. 

We keep you informed and up-to-date throughout the entire link acquisition campaign.

Ready-to-Report Results

We provide easy-to-understand reports of all live links of niche edits. You can simply hand it over to your upper SEO manager, CMO, or Owner of the company you’re working for. With transparent reports, you can increase the perceived value of your work as in-house SEO. 

No second-guessing what we do for the entire month. You only pay for links you sign, seal and deliver.

niche edits service results

These Results Tell the Story.

Our accomplishments are evidenced by our portfolio, which boasts more than 10,000 links with Ahrefs DR30 to DR70.

These links are not only found on our clients' content pages, but we also gained additional backlinks through our effective content marketing strategies.

To witness the potential of our services, browse through our work today.

Results speak for themselves.

10,000+ links ranging from Ahrefs DR30 to DR70.

And that's just the value of work hosted on our client's content sections, not counting the backlinks earned from great content marketing.

Want to learn more? Check out our work today

Keypath Education

820+ links generated

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371% increase in traffic valu

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310% increase in organic traffic for a music store

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66.45% Increase In Organic Traffic

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From 0 to $101K traffic value

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Niche Edit Links Service FAQs

Real websites. We check every prospect site. We avoid domains that are part of any private blog network. Given our years of experience vetting sites, we know right away with a simple glance if a blog is a PBN or a real website.

Typically you get live editorial links from existing blog posts within two to four weeks.

We don’t have access to all niches, but we specialize in Health, Business, Marketing, Technology, Fashion, and Music.

Yes. Give us what TLD-specific backlinks you need, and our team will let you know if it’s something we can guarantee for niche edits backlinks.

All niche edits are guaranteed to be permanent stay at least a year unless the webmaster decides to remove the link for other reasons.

We only get link mentions from sites with Ahrefs’ Domain Rating of 30 and above and with estimated organic traffic of at least 1000. Also, we want the natural link to be added on websites with no visible trace of Google penalty.

Our best approach is to give you niche edit links from articles with a maximum of 3 outbound links on articles. We want your contextual link with the most link juice it can provide to your site.

Give us the details, and we’ll do the necessary replacements – either give you a link from another article of the same website or another domain with equal or higher metrics.

We ask for your desired anchor texts. Our team sends recommendations based on your pages ‘ target keywords if you can’t provide us with a list of anchor texts.

Yes. We even provide discounts to agencies with multiple client projects or to business owners with several web assets.

Definitely! That’s part of our link building process. We give you a list of domains with our preferred existing articles. You approve and send us the final list. We only get links from every approved domain. You are in control.

Niche Edits Philippines: Quick Guide

Manual niche edits are often the type of link editorially acquired from the existing content of a relevant post. On the other hand, a guest post is writing a new post for authority websites with specific domain authority (or other link metrics).

It is much easier to persuade site owners to give link mention from their existing blog post than getting them to publish new guest posts on their sites through genuine outreach. Either way, both strategies are effective in helping to rank target URLs. If you opt to get white hat links from fresh quality content, learn how our process works in our guest post service.

Niche edits get links from existing post or guest post. Broken link building earn links from resource pages of relevant websites. Both types of links are powerful in bringing authority signals for search engines.

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