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How Content Marketing Works?

Consumers are smart. They are more likely to buy products only when they’re well-informed. They like buying from people and businesses they trust.  To generate more sales, you must first build connections with your customers. 

Enter content marketing. Every content marketing campaign has its process of getting members of a target audience and converting this traffic into leads. 

The best content marketers create content for each buyer journey to attract the right audience from different buying stages. Thus, getting more potential customers than selling their products straight to the market. 

Content marketing involves a process. This process allows successful brands to generate quality content that attracts links and views with zero guesswork. 

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SharpRocket’s Content Marketing Services

Whether you need a strategy or extra support for link acquisition, Sharprocket has a complete suite of content marketing services.

Content Strategy

We use a scientific approach to creating and promoting content that ranks. We upgrade your entire content experience to improve how people consume your content. We also look at high-value ranking topics with data to prove your content can dominate. Without guesswork, we help you find these opportunities so you can slowly build your topical authority. And soon, we can rank for multiple keywords our customers are searching for. If you can rank, it’s an opportunity to build. Get started with our content strategy services.

Content Writing

“Good content” is not good enough. Even linkbait content won’t last. Our team of seasoned content marketers is equipped with years of experience to help you build branded assets that can outperform the top-ranking content in your niche. From topic ideation to writing, we do it systematically to find the right topic opportunities to build your brand online. No more freelance contractors. Research, production, editing, publishing, and evaluation are done in-house with our content writing services.

Scalable Link Acquisition

No more crossing your fingers. We use content published on your site to generate hundreds of monthly links. With our proprietary process, we identify passive link topics to match with best-in-class content that will guarantee to get results. While other SEO agencies use secretive black hat SEO techniques, we use link building strategies that Google wants to reward your site. We do link building at scale, so your competitors won’t beat you easily. Promote your content that attracts links with our link building services

SEO Consulting

Take the guesswork out of your strategy. You can ask unlimited questions to our CEO, Venchito Tampon, and get head-on fixes on your content marketing and link building campaigns. We don’t make recommendations that move the needle. Adding a meta description or fixing 404s is standard SEO advice. We know the difference between a single tweak and a content template that increases revenue by $20,000/mo. We’ll work with you to solve the issues holding you back. Maximize your ROI with our link building consulting services.

Why Content Marketing Services From The Philippines Are in High Demand

Thanks to its English-speaking tradition, young workforce, and business-savviness, the Philippines is one of the go-to solutions for outsourced content writing for US businesses. 

Some of the outsourced jobs were ad-hoc content writing which later grew as a demand for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own content marketing agencies. It also evolved to cater to content writing services and blog design, interactive content, and other content optimizations that demand skilled workers. 

So, if you’re looking to outsource a part or bulk of your content marketing projects, consider more of these primary reasons to increase your confidence in hiring a content service provider from the Philippines:


Content marketing agencies in the Philippines offer cost-effective solutions compared to their counterparts in other countries. A thousand-dollar cost of content marketing projects in the US can only be a fraction of the price here in the Philippines. If you’re a digital marketing agency with an entire pipeline of leads, this gives you leverage to take them and pass them on to a Filipino content writing agency with huge capacity.

Time-Zone Advantage

The Philippines is in a time zone favorable to US, Canadian, and Australian clients. This means the workforce in a Philippine content marketing agency can work on projects while their clients are asleep and have all these content writing projects ready in the morning—an advantage you want to take is a 24/7 workforce.

Cultural Familiarity

If you’re looking to penetrate the Filipino market, you need a team of content writers who are well-versed in the nuances of Filipino culture. Understanding the Filipino context helps create the best quality content that resonates with the local audience and proves effective and culturally appropriate.

Technical Expertise

Many Filipino content writers have expertise in digital marketing. It goes back to the high level of education where marketing fundamentals and the latest technical know-how are discussed. If you have projects in the marketing and business space, it is best to find content writers who are well-versed in technical business expertise. Filipinos have it, which makes it sensible for your brand.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Services

You want to get your money’s worth for every content writing project. So, choosing the right content marketing service provider is essential for quality SEO and branding. Here are some actionable tips to ensure you make the right choice.

Predictable Time Frames

Look for a content writing agency that delivers work on time. It is essential for your agency or as an in-house marketer to track campaign progress and justify ROI from your client’s end. Therefore, you need a reliable content marketing service provider who prioritizes content success and goes the extra mile to achieve your objectives.

Scalable Content Quality

Get an agency with a dedicated team of experienced content writers, editors, and strategies passionately creating quality content at scale. Scalable content marketing involves a consistent workflow and process. Does the agency have a well-defined workflow for efficient collaboration and review? Do they use tools to streamline their content creation process? With these, you can feel confident they can handle even the most ambitious content marketing campaigns.

Full Transparency

A trustworthy content marketing agency should provide campaign reporting so you can feel confident in your work. You need a certain level of transparency and clear communication to make informed decisions. With this, you can rest assured that your agency partner has your best interests in mind.

Reliable For All Requests

There will be many content revisions, but the best content marketing agency must give you a rough estimate of the number of revisions they can take for each piece of content. This gives you a proper understanding that a content marketing company can respond to your requests promptly and properly make changes to content.

Content Marketing Services FAQs

How much do we need to spend?

Our minimum for a 1500+ word blog post is $75 per piece. We ask for at least five blog posts to build topical relevancy and utilize internal linking among these articles. Given the long-term nature of SEO, you’re likely to succeed if you can produce more thematically-relevant content.

In our content strategy services, we can develop holistic content ideation strategies for 6 to 12 months blog writing. This includes evaluating the estimated RO we expect from our content marketing and will bring a suggested spend.

We can also work backward from your top competitor’s SEO performance to develop a strategy to catch up and overtake them. Otherwise, we can use your budget to project our performance and aim for the highest growth possible within your budget.

How long does it take to see results?

Most clients that work with SharpRocket see traction at month four, and real momentum starts to take over in months six plus. If you’re a startup, that timeline can elongate due to the need for the domain authority to generate rankings.

You always have leading indicators to see results coming for your site. They first appear through content optimizations and content quality, then improve rankings and visibility month over month.

What link quality can we expect?

Our content promotion process generates links through manual outreach and top-funnel rankings tied to topics on published assets at scale. The people who cite and reference are bloggers and publishers with the average Domain Rating (DR) higher than others.

In most industries, we get links from DR 30+; in some sectors, we see DR 45+ averages.

Our link building services guarantee a replacement of link loss due to bloggers’ discretion in removing certain pages. These are organic and natural, exactly the type of links Google wants to reward long-term.

Do you provide other digital marketing services?

We specialize in content marketing, blog design, and link building services. While we don’t provide other areas like full-service social media services, we can create native images based on the social media network vital to you.

While we don’t provide full-service social media services, we can create native images based on our content for each social network important to you.

How can we get started?

Schedule a free strategy session with Venchito, CEO of SharpRocket, and gain clarity for your content marketing campaigns.

Say goodbye to lackluster content and hello to captivating messaging that resonates with your audience.

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Content Strategy Quick Guide

Results depends on the strategy. Without an effective content strategy, you can publish multiple blog posts and visual content without driving real business value to your site.

Content strategy ensures that every effort you put in significantly contributes to the content marketing plan. It brings you from point A to point B, and keeps you aligned for the overall business goals with other marketing teams in your organization.

Content strategy framework is a process created to scale the site’s content production and gain bottom-line results for the brand. 

Content strategists help align each area of content marketing to achieve the brand’s purpose and objectives. 

For example, our SaaS Growth Sprint serves as a roadmap for SaaS companies to create, distribute, and evaluate content assets based on their goals and objectives.

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