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What is Guest Posting Service Philippines?

Guest posting service in the Philippines is a popular solution for Western companies looking to outsource their link building strategy.

With this approach, they aim to build brand awareness, develop thought leadership, and create new relationships with other content creators. Guest posting is a powerful brand-building tool, not just a simple link building strategy.

Guest posting demands a labor-intensive approach, requiring writers and outreach specialists to craft a content distribution campaign that delivers immense value through external articles.”

Guest posting success requires a team effort in prospecting relevant blogs, suggesting valuable topics, writing excellent articles, and publishing on the right platforms.

Partnering with a specialized SEO agency to handle the complex puzzle of the guest posting strategy allows you to focus on the bigger SEO picture.

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Guest Posting: Third-Most Used Link Building Strategy

Aira's 2022 survey revealed that guest posting has become a popular link building strategy among professional SEOs, ranking third in terms of popularity.

This high adoption rate by SEO agencies and freelancers can be attributed to the following reasons:


When evaluating the scalability of a link building strategy, it’s important to consider its ability to produce a guaranteed quantity of links each month without missing a beat. By implementing careful planning, systems, and strategic execution, you can grow your site’s link profile, leading to exponential growth in organic traffic.

Scalable link building strategies like guest posting not only provide guaranteed results, but also enable your brand to reach a wider audience and generate more links with each additional article published, thus increasing your website’s visibility and driving more traffic.

Thought Leadership

Guest posting is a powerful tool for establishing thought leadership in your industry and demonstrating your expertise to your target audience. By publishing well-researched and informative articles on relevant topics, you can establish yourself as a trusted source of information and elevate your brand’s recognition.

The benefits of this approach go beyond establishing thought leadership. You can also drive more direct traffic to your website and strengthen your online presence, leading to greater exposure and ultimately, more success for your business.

ROI From SEO Investment

Investing in SEO requires significant resources, including financial investment. As with any investment, business owners want to see a return on their investment over time. This can make many businesses hesitant to invest in SEO, as they may not see immediate results.

However, utilizing guest posting as a link building strategy can help your website achieve the desired domain authority and improve the rankings of your commercial pages, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

This makes guest posting an attractive option for businesses that are looking to see early returns on their investment in SEO. By investing in this strategy, you can maximize your chances of seeing a positive return on your investment and achieve your business goals.

Guest Post Service Promise: Boost Your Link Profile with Guaranteed Placements

Choosing an exemplary white label link building service is crucial for quality SEO. However, not all link building companies are created equal, and some may fail to deliver. To ensure you make the best choice, consider these key factors:

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Strict Vetting Process

Our link building agency takes a comprehensive approach to website prospecting. Instead of relying solely on metrics like Ahrefs’ Domain Rating, we conduct a manual review of each website.

This ensures that our list of prospects is comprised of established, credible, and relevant sites within the industry.”

Pre-Placement Domain Approval

Our guest posting approach prioritizes giving you the best options for your guest posting needs. Before we move forward, we provide a list of relevant websites for your review. If these domains fit your standards, we’ll proceed with writing premium guest posts.

If not, just let us know, and we’ll work to find alternatives that match your criteria. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible and deliver results that meet your expectations.

Thorough Guest Blog Review Process

With us, you’ll receive guest posts that are relevant, engaging, and written by experienced native writers. Our team takes a hands-on approach to ensure the quality of each post by reviewing it for readability, relevance, appropriate anchor text placement, and natural on-page linking. We strive for excellence in every aspect of the guest posting process.

Guaranteed Placement & Replacements

When it comes to guest posting, our team takes the placement of contextual links seriously. We thoroughly verify that all links are naturally integrated within the content. If for any reason your links don’t go live, don’t worry. We’ll promptly work to find replacements that are of equal or better quality. Ensuring the quality and reliability of your links is a key part of our process.”

Superior Client Satisfaction

When you work with us, you won’t have to navigate a confusing dashboard. Instead, you can track the progress of your project directly with our Operations Head. If you need to get in touch, simply send us a message via Skype or email and we’ll respond promptly to address any concerns you may have. Our goal is to keep you informed and up-to-date throughout the process.

Ready-to-Report Results

As part of our link building services, we’ll provide you with a report of all live links on your guest posts. If you’d like to have this information in a white label format, we’re happy to offer that at no additional cost. Our aim is to provide comprehensive and transparent reporting as part of our link building services.

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These Results Tell the Story.

With over 10,000 links ranging from Ahrefs DR30 to DR70, our portfolio speaks for itself.

And that's just the value of the links hosted on our clients' content pages - it doesn't even include the additional backlinks earned from effective content marketing.

Want to see what we can do for you? Take a look at our work today."

Results speak for themselves.

10,000+ links ranging from Ahrefs DR30 to DR70.

And that's just the value of work hosted on our client's content sections, not counting the backlinks earned from great content marketing.

Want to learn more? Check out our work today

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820+ links generated

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Trusted by diverse clients: customizable guest posting packages for every need.

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Guest Post Service Philippines FAQs

Yes. Contact us here, and we’ll give you samples of our work.

Absolutely! We give discounts to agencies and clients needing more than 30 links, including fees for guest post content. See our link building packages.

It depends on your industry search landscape and your website’s domain authority.

Our clients see the impact of guest post links on their site’s ranking performance for around 3 to 6 months. So if you do proper on-page & technical SEO for your site, our links will positively affect your website’s rankings.

Yes. You are in control of the anchor texts that you use for links. Be mindful of possible risks when over-optimizing anchor texts. It is best to stay balanced when choosing anchor texts for links. Having partial match anchor text and branded ones can keep your link building in balance.

Of course. Our Head of Operations, Joseph, regularly updates our clients on the progress of campaigns (from sending lists for review to giving out reports of live links on guest posts).

Our reporting includes all live links on indexed pages, their target page URL and anchor text, and other important information, such as the site’s domain authority and monthly organic traffic. If you wish to get more output from our link reports, let us know, and our team will do the necessary customization so you can make more critical information visible on documents.

If you opt for white label link building, we send white label reports that you can send to your clients for review. We don’t include our agency logo as part of the document, but you can replace it with your company logo to serve it well for your reporting.

Our blogger outreach service is executed by guest blogging experts in the digital marketing industry, giving you a fair, confident, and trustworthy advantage over your competitors.

No. We only provide links from English sites.

If you still prefer to buy guest posts on foreign sites, we can recommend agencies specializing in that.

Our typical word count when creating content ranges from 700 to 1500 words. For sites with higher domain authority, we create content with 2000+ words.

Depends on your niche. Reach us with your link requirements (including specific TLDs), and we’ll let you know if we’re a good fit.

Yes. We send lists of domains for approval. You have control over what sites you’d like your brand to associate with.

Our guest blog posting services cover multiple topics and niches. We do our best to theme your niche within the content we write as guest posts for website rankings. We bridge the gap between your site’s topic relevance and possible topic connections in other industries.

Industries we specialize in with our guest posting services include Business, Marketing, Health, Real Estate, Home, Food, Fitness, IT, and many others.

To see if your site (or niche) is a good fit, reach out to us with your target URL, and our team will send you suggestions for relevant and possible target niches.

We guarantee successful placement for every approved domain based on our metric agreements.

If any link is down or rejected for any reason, we find and get replacements with equal or higher quality at no extra cost.

Yes. We execute data-driven content creation, link reclamation, broken link building, and brand mentions outreach strategy for our enterprise clients.

And for our eCommerce link building services, we get backlinks from where-to-buy pages, product reviews, coupon pages, and link roundups.

To learn more about other strategies we use for our clients, check out our guide on getting backlinks.

You can schedule a strategy call with Venchito (SharpRocket CEO) to discuss your site’s best course of action. Reach out using the contact form if you have any questions.

The difference between SharpRocket guest posting services and other blogger outreach services (i.e., Fat Joe and The Hoth) is that we’ve done enough outreach to build relationships you won’t have done by yourself.

With our experience working with hundreds of link building campaigns, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Other guest blog posting service offered by other agencies does more harm than good to your website. First, they tell you their links come from real sites owned by real bloggers. But sooner or later, you’ll find out those blogs are from Private Blog Networks (PBNs).

We do the dirty work of giving the best quality SEO guest posting service you could ever find in the market. We pride ourselves in getting repetitive work from our retainer clients, including top agencies with educational institutions as their clients, Fortune 100 clients, and white-label support for SEO agencies.

Guest Post Service Philippines: Quick Guide

Guest blogging is publishing a piece of content for high quality sites, with a contextual backlink pointing to the website of the author/contributor.

Guest posting (another term for guest blogging) is a convenient way to build backlinks to a business website. Given that the approach and process are easy to replicate and execute, most brands rely on this link building technique to get high-quality backlinks to their site’s most important pages (e.g., landing pages). 

Guest posting is not only a link building strategy for business owners and marketers. It also helps build your brand authority, especially for online businesses still starting in their respective industries.

When your informational content (e.g., blog posts) is published on other relevant publishing sites with your target audience, you increase brand awareness and online presence about your credibility and expertise.

Typically, it ranges from $150 to $1500 per guest post. This price range depends on your choice. 

If you hire a link building agency that does guest posting services, you will incur a more expensive cost to get a guest post. However, the advantage of doing so would leave you worry-free doing everything needed to publish a guest post, which involves vetting for guest post placement to get all the links live. 

When you try to do third-party content writing (do-it-yourself campaign), be prepared to invest hours in prospecting for quality sites that accept guest authors while hiring professional native writers for quality articles. It takes a lot of work, which is why most online businesses tend to employ a guest posting provider who can do all this legwork.

Yes. Whether you hire a guest posting provider or do a guest blogging strategy DIY, it costs money and resources on your end.

You must pay the fees involved when you get guest posting services (cost per link). Typically link, building companies will give you the total price per link, including but not limited to content fees and any operational fees in their process of acquiring your guest blog post. 

For your manual blogger outreach campaign, you still have to pay for the content unless you write on your own. And besides investing money, be prepared to invest time in vetting guest blog prospects and reaching out to them for content contribution. 

To get guest posts from niche-specific sites, you do this 3 step process: prospecting for guest blogs, reaching out to potential guest posting sites, and publishing the content. 

First, you have to vet potential high authority sites. Next, look for relevant blogs within your industry and have readers who are your target customers. 

Ensure you find guest blogs that accept outside authors (e.g., sites with a “write for us” page). Then, qualify them further by checking their site’s Domain Rating/Authority (Ahrefs or Moz metric) and the site’s estimated organic traffic.

If you’re targeting country-specific blogs, you can check where most of the site’s web traffic comes from.

Once you vet and qualify potential guest blogs, you next want to reach out to them and send topics for content. You can initially pitch them with a solid list of issues or ask subtly if they accept outside content contributors. 

When they pick one topic you’ll be writing about, make it the best content for that topic and submit it to them for review. 

For more tips on doing guest blogging for enterprise-level links,  you can check out this guide on guest blogging

Domain Rating (DR) is the authority and strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to other sites in Ahrefs’ Database. The website’s Domain Rating is based on the total number of high domain authority sites that link to it, plus how many other websites those high-DR sites link to. 

Guest blogging is publishing new articles on other relevant blogs. However, these new content pieces don’t yet have existing organic traffic compared to niche edits. 

On the other hand, Niche edits are getting editorial links from already published blog posts that may have existing organic traffic and maybe ranking for industry keywords (and getting organic traffic from it). 

Guest blogging is getting links from new write-ups of industry blogs, whereas broken link building is acquiring backlinks from resource pages (“links pages”) of non-commercial websites.  

Resource pages often list external and internal links to references and resources on a given topic (e.g., links to sleeping guides). 

Guest blogging cannot help you with on-site technical and website content optimization. 

Guest post outreach services do not cover any SEO activity within or on your website. Remember that guest blogging is an off-page SEO activity. It means that the initiative is executed outside your website property.

It is best to have robust on-site optimization before proceeding to any guest post service (or other link building campaigns). This would help your site get more positive signals from Google as your website has already built a topical authority on your blog. 

In addition, guest blogging cannot help with other links from other link building techniques not unless the two methods are relevant to each other. 

So let’s say you prefer to get a guest blogging service, then opt for other blogger outreach services like link reclamation. I recommended going for different link types (e.g., guest posts and resource page links from high-authority websites). This strategy can help link diversity and improve specific sites’ search engine rankings.

There are many approaches to finding guest bloggers. The first method is you reach out directly to authors and contributors in your industry. It would be best if yNext, you looked for people who’ve written enough content pieces on their site that showcase their expertise on the subject you’re working on.

Another method to find blog owners is inviting influencers and experts who can provide niche insights through writing. They may not have writing portfolios visible on the web, but you can attest to their credibility as an expert.

You can become a guest blogger by applying to be one of your target publishing sites. 

The only way to know if you’re a right fit for a target guest blog is when you ask them about it. Send an initial pitch showing your interest in writing for these blogs. Include any past content you’ve written to help them assess the quality of your work.

Send an outreach email with your interest in writing a guest post. 

There are many ways to pitch a guest post, but that’s the simplest way to start doing so. 

You can also engage first with your target publications on social media platforms (e.g., sharing their content on your profile to get their message across to your audience). This way, you get into their radar before they even open your guest blogging email.

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