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SharpRocket offers a full range of Link Building Services to help you gain the search ranking edge necessary for growing your business. Here’s what we’ve been doing well for our clients in the past couple of years.

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SEO Agencies

White label our link building services. Focus on services that you’re good at and let our team handle your clients’ links.


SaaS Companies

Accelerate PQL/MQL growth, double your MMR and scale fast. Hire our SaaS link building agency.



No content? Only product and category pages? Don’t worry. We have mastered eCommerce link building services for money pages that drive sales.

Results speak for themselves.

10,000+ links ranging from Ahrefs DR30 to DR70.

And that's just the value of work hosted on our client's content sections, not counting the backlinks earned from great content marketing.

Want to learn more? Check out our work today

Keypath Education

820+ links generated

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371% increase in traffic valu

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310% increase in organic traffic for a music store

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66.45% Increase In Organic Traffic

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From 0 to $101K traffic value

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Why Choose SharpRocket As Your Link Building Agency?

Here is why SaaS, Ecommerce and digital marketing agencies constantly seeking SharpRocket’s services:

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped startup and enterprise-level brands across a diverse set of industries achieve their SEO goals through effective link building campaigns.

Dedicated Team of Experts

All of SharpRocket search marketers have proven experience and expertise in the field of SEO. They’ve gone through intensive training and workshops to master SEO fundamentals.

Ethical Link Building Practices

We use white hat SEO to ensure you’re getting the most search visibility without putting at risk from Google penalties.

Value For Money

We offer premium services at cost-effective rates other SEO agencies put it as their top reason for hiring our link building agency.

Respected Thought Leaders

Our senior management team is well respected in the field of SEO and has appeared and spoken at global SEO and digital marketing conferences, such as SEO Zraz, Affiliate Summit, and Search Marketing Summit Australia.

Complete Transparency

We offer full link building campaign visibility and reporting to give clients the peace of mind they deserve.

World’s leading SEOs trust Us



Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko

Venchito is one of the few people in the internet marketing world, who understands how to build quality links in today’s SEO world. I highly recommend his link building advice from blog posts guest post, long term link building strategies, and SEO service.


John Doherty
Ex-Distilled Consultant / Founder of Credo

Venchito and his team at SharpRocket are impressive. From their hustle to build their agency to their focus on quality (helping fix broken links). They are a great link building agency to consider when looking to hire for next level traffic acquisition.


Razvan Gavrillas
Founder of CognitiveSEO

Venchito is one of those guys who listens and then acts based on that. He is a professional with extensive background from SEO agencies. He has a powerful link building skill set that can land better search results rankings. They help optimize better link profile from guest post and other high-quality number of links.

Stop struggling with link building.

We do the heavy lifting for you.

Maximize your SEO efforts with our 5000+ established relationships

Skip the hard work, leverage our team's relationships for guaranteed links.

Real readership blogs for maximum impact

Links that matter: targeted on sites where your audience is actively engaged, no spam, no PBNs.

Boost your ROI with our strategic links to your money pages

Achieving your ROI goals with our strategic links to your money pages.

Get results without the risk. Pay-per-link.

Eliminate wasted spending with our link building service. Pay-per-link and see every link we build for you.

Why Hire a Philippine Link Building Company?

The Philippines is widely known for its outsourcing capability. Several US, UK, Australian, and Canadian companies invest resources in outsourcing projects to Filipinos.

They’ve seen the talents and skills of Philippine-based professionals, freelancers, and agencies. The said country has been famous for its booming “call-center industry”.

Cost efficiency is the primary reason why foreign businesses invest in Philippine outsourcing. In digital marketing and SEO, for example, you’ll find several companies working with premier SEO agencies from the Philippines at $1,500 to $5000.

This same price range costs only a simple on-page audit when you hire an SEO agency in your respective country.

Here are some more reasons why blue-chip corporations and medium-scale businesses invest in (SEO) link building agencies in the Philippines:

English Proficiency

The Philippines has a high level of English proficiency, making communication and collaboration with a link building company easy.

English is taught from preschool to college to every Filipino student. That gives you leverage in ensuring every project is completed with superb quality.

Skilled Workforce

The Philipines workforce is highly skilled and well-educated. Flagging the warm and heartfelt approach to conversations makes the country a good source for talented SEO professionals.

Adaptability and flexibility are core traits of Filipinos, helping them succeed in every career endeavor. That said, it gives you more business growth opportunities having an entire legwork with these talented professionals.

Time Zone Advantage

The Philippines is in a favorable time zone for working with clients in other of the world. It allows different times for efficient project management, service, and delivery.

Companies can arrange a working setup running 24/7, leaving no work behind. As such, an SEO campaign builds its momentum for growth and sustainable results.

Strong Outsourcing Culture

The Philippines has a strong tradition of outsourcing and business process outsourcing, providing a mature ecosystem for outsourcing link building services.

Either company can take advantage of it or continue working with their contemporary agencies at a higher SEO price or package.

How our LINK BUILDING AGENCY builds 250 links/mo consistently using Predictable Link Building Methodology™…

  • Using a SIMPLE and PROVEN system
  • Using a SCALABLE strategy
  • No private blog networks
  • No creepy outreach emails

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Link Building Agency FAQs

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second daily, translating into at least 2 trillion searches yearly.

The numbers don’t include searches on other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go.

This steady growth in search can be attributed to the changing behavior of consumers in every market.

People are well informed of the products or services they would purchase through the information they make on searches online.

With this growth, the demand for search engine optimization services (e.g., SEO Services Philippines) and products has increased.

As a result, it was predicted by Forecast (supported by Search Engine Land) that the SEO industry would be worth 80 billion dollars in 2020.

SEO is seen as a vital investment to grow one’s business online. As such, any aspect of this area of digital marketing matters.

Links are one of the top 3 ranking factors in Google.

Despite the discussion that “link building is dead,” links move the needle of rankings.

It is perceived as valuable as users tend to visit pages through pages using backlinks.

Before 2012, links are used aggressively to manipulate search rankings. Links are built for ranking without considering relevance, value, and potential traffic.

Today, link building is a branding tool.

Links are built to send substantial relevant visitors to its target website.

Links build trust, power, and authority to the website, so they are referred to. Therefore, links should be products of good marketing initiatives.

The link building industry is promising as more companies and SEO agencies see its valuable contribution to their client’s bottom line.

Link building is not dead. It still works and is still helping thousands of websites to rank higher in search results for their target keywords.

The dynamics of link building, including processes, may have changed, but the benefits and foundation of link building remain.

Link building is getting other websites to link to your website.

The process starts by finding other publishers relevant to your brand.

Then, you create content assets for other sites to have a reason to link to you.

Finally, you reach out to these publishers through email or other forms of communication – persuading them to link to your content.


Backlinks are one of the top search ranking factors.

With backlinks, your website can rank for the most competitive keywords in your market.

Also, links provide a way for users to visit pages through pages.

With the user clicking on links, it generates traffic to the page it was linked to.

This allows more visitors to see the linked-to website — helping to generate assisted conversions or sales to the linked-to brand.

Along with the importance mentioned above of links to search rankings, there are other notable advantages of link building for your business website.

Here are some benefits of proactively investing in link building:

Beat The Competition

Companies are hiring professional link building companies to deliver suitable links to their websites regularly.

In addition, there are two or more link building agencies to build different kinds of backlinks.

This happening intensifies the competition in every industry where link building is the utmost priority.

Investing in link building allows you to cope with the competition and beat those websites that are not heavily involved in link building campaigns.

Consider link building in your marketing budget; you’ll have an unfair advantage in online search competition.

Generates Relevant Visitors To Your Website

If links are correctly placed on relevant websites, these links will refer visitors who are interested in purchasing your products or services.

Thereby increasing the number of leads or conversions you generate on your website.

In addition, driving traffic through these links becomes more valuable if the pages where these links are placed constantly receive organic traffic.

It is like a flywheel — your website receives returns from putting a single link on a page that is well-performing in traffic.

Elevates Your Brand

Link building helps elevate your brand. When your website has been featured on A-list digital publishing websites, you establish your authority in your field.

Therefore, you become more open to interviewing opportunities or getting featured on other content publishing sites.

Builds Trust and Authority

The measure of your site’s trustworthiness depends on how Google and people see you as an authority.

Building trust and authority takes time. And so does link building.

This activity requires creating relevant content assets that authoritative websites in the industry would want to use as a reference or resource.

The activity needs preparation and in-depth research to understand what types of content resonate with them and would more likely link to your web pages.

Your investment in link building depends on the scope and size of the work.

You can choose whether you would like to hire a white hat link building company, a freelancer, or do it in-house.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages that you have to weigh before making your final decision.

Link Building Agency

A link building agency is a business focused on doing link building work for local or international clients.

Depending on the number of clients they cater to, link building companies vary their number of employees from 3 even up to 80 persons on average.

Before a link building agency can start operating, like any other business, it has to be legitimized in its country and region.

This is one good reason to hire agencies as they are legitimate businesses, which is an essential consideration for proposals, contracts, and other critical business documents.

A link building company’s professional environment helps ensure the work that link builders do provides results to the clients they work with.

A good link building agency researches and experiments with new link building strategies and methodologies to ensure the clients they serve receive the best links (i.e., guest posts) that drive search results for their businesses.

A well-updated and growing link building company helps its clients be aware of new updates from Google and how these updates affect their services’ performance.

Communication doesn’t only include delivering reports of links built every month but also getting your clients to be educated and informed about how you can better improve their link building campaigns.

Link building agencies have more combined experiences than freelancers and in-house teams in catering to different clients of different industries and sizes.

They know well enough that your sector is nearly impossible to deliver links using a particular strategy.

Furthermore, these link building companies have continuously acquired training to further educate their employees on the latest link-building trends and techniques.

The only risk in potentially hiring a link building agency is that they may reject some clients in specific industries they’re not familiar with or cannot provide the high-quality service possible.

This assessment is based on industry competition and available internal resources — including staff members.

Indeed, when it comes to link building.

You can expect link building agencies, especially those located in the Philippines, to provide you with the reputable service you are looking for.


The last option to get your link building done is hiring new employees in your in-house SEO team.

The advantage of doing this hiring is that you can communicate with the person regularly — from hiring and training to the execution of tasks.

Companies who choose this option often have the problem of training issues, as the team must first set up processes to develop the technical skills of the person being hired.

Hiring in-house team members are far better off than freelancers as you can make them more accountable for results, as you can see them face to face.


A freelancer is a person who does his work in a remote place or at home.

They specialize in link building in the whole process or one or two parts required to perform link building tasks.

One disadvantage of hiring freelancers is that some have multiple clients; therefore, they can’t provide the highest focus and concentration on one subject.

They compared this with hiring link building companies, where they have dedicated project managers whose role is to communicate with clients regularly.

Furthermore, freelancers don’t have matched specialized skills compared to employees working in link building agencies.

Technologies, training, methodologies, and systems may not be available in the hands of freelancers.

Thus, there would be a difference in work output between a freelancer and a link building company.

When hiring freelancers, hiring only specialized professionals who can get the job done and with a good record of providing results to their past clients is recommended.

If you opt to hire a link building agency, there are elements you have to consider to ensure you’re making the most out of your investment.

Here are some that will help you make the right choice:

A solid list of clientele

The difference between a reputable link building agency and one that is not is its list of clientele.

Also, hiring is risky, so you must look for a link building company with experience working with big clients.

One tip I recommend is to look at the past and the current list of clients served by the link building company.

It may be easy to find as it is usually posted on their website.

One good reason for researching their clients is you’ll be able to know if they have worked with brands in the same industry as yours.

This indicates that the agency can handle your website without much trouble.

Top of the line in the industry

A more risky approach in hiring a link building agency is to get one reasonably new in offering services to companies.

Though their work can be worthwhile once they’ve handled your link building campaign with care and given their promised results, hiring a newly established link building agency is still risky.

Look for a link building company that is considered the top of the line in offering services to agencies, in-house teams of marketing companies, and direct businesses.

You can check if there are any recommendations for the agency’s services from top influencers and experts in the SEO industry.

If two or more of them vouch for the agency, it is a good indicator of the quality of the agency’s services.

Good flow of communication

Communication is critical to making your outsourcing to link building agencies possible.

You may not know exactly how smooth the communication flow is until you start working with their team.

However, during the initial meetings with them, either personally or thru online communication, you’ll know how fast and accurately they respond to your questions and concerns.

Another good way to identify if the company has better communication with its clientele is by checking how often they send follow-up messages, either when they sent you their service proposal or when they initially called you.

No lock-in contracts

Some clients come to us with a terrible experience from their prior link building agencies.

These clients were dissatisfied with the agency’s service and opted out.

Lately, they knew they had officially signed lock-in contracts with their agency.

Despite being dissatisfied, clients don’t have any choice but to stay in the agreement. But, unfortunately, this happening makes the service experience worst.

If you are looking for a link building agency, you should ask up front if the agency has lock-in contracts.

Client satisfaction should be an utmost priority of a link building agency. Their interest is to deliver the highest quality of services to their clients. And if there are any problems, issues, or escalation, they should be brought up and offered solutions as quickly as possible.

There are a lot of link building agencies out there. It would be best if you did due diligence to research their company background, service offerings, and capability to deliver the work.

Are you looking for a reliable link building agency? Look no further. You’re in the right place.

Get in touch with us through the contact form below.

We charge our link building services at a monthly cost. Given that a campaign runs for a minimum of 6 months, the monthly price is multiplied by 6.

We allow a one-month test trial for some websites, but we highly encourage our potential clients to avail of a 3-month or 6-month link building campaign with us.

We also offer discounted packages for SEO agencies with bulk work. Bulk work means these agencies will outsource three or more link building projects. Check out our link building packages.

Six months. This is the minimum period you can expect to see improvement in the organic traffic performance of your site.

Depending on the industry, its competition, targeted keywords (and their difficulty level), and available content assets on your site may take longer or shorter than six months.

There are many ways how to start link building for your site.

You may choose from any of these options: building an in-house link building team, hiring a freelancer, or outsourcing it to a link building agency like ours.

Doing link building in-house requires that you have a process in place so you can streamline the project, run it smoothly and get backlinks to your website.

When hiring a freelancer, you need to look for someone who specializes in link building, not just general SEO.

In addition, he must have experience handling clients in your niche because different industries have different factors to consider in link building execution.

The advantage of hiring a link building agency is that you don’t have to worry about hiring team members, training to do the link work, monitoring their output, and getting them accountable to you regularly.

Link building agencies like SharpRocket will do all the legwork for you.

You don’t have to think of hiring and training people and doing link prospecting and outreach yourself.

A link building agency like ours will be responsible for executing from end to end.

We do not offer “one size fits all” link building packages. We believe that each client deserves a custom link building campaign. So the efforts we put into every work are manual.

Quality And Quantity

Some link building companies offer only quality inbound links but with a limited number. Others offer high deliverables but of low quality.

SharpRocket offers both: quantity and quality of backlinks. Our link building team can cater to the growing needs of your agency.


The number of news and media websites that featured SharpRocket as a credible source of information proves that we can provide the best value to your online business.

Check out our latest industry guides and the best articles on our blog that earn industry links.


Our processes are built to scale link building campaigns.

So whether you outsource 5 or 10 clients, our team can handle your projects as long as we have agreed to the necessary metrics and conditions for each campaign.

Guaranteed Deliverables

Our team has a maximum number of links we can guarantee to provide monthly.

The best is we send link reports on time. Our mantra: we don’t promise what we can’t deliver.


You will receive transparent updates and reports from our managers regularly.

Immediate responses to questions regarding your link building campaign are undoubtedly our differentiator from other link building firms.

We let our clients pre-approve lists of link opportunities before they go live.

This builds trust and confidence in your relationship with us as your outsourced link building partner.

There are several ways to measure the success of a link building campaign:

  1. First, track the number of backlinks your website has acquired over time. You can use a tool like Ahrefs or Majestic to monitor the number and quality of your backlinks.
  2. Track your website’s search engine rankings for targeted keywords. If your link building campaign is successful, you should see an increase in your rankings for the keywords you’re targeting.
  3. Track the traffic and engagement your website receives from referral sources. You can use tools like Google Analytics to see how much traffic your website receives from other websites and how engaged those visitors are.
  4. Set specific goals for your link building campaign and track your progress toward meeting those goals. For example, you might set a plan to acquire a certain number of backlinks within a specific time frame or to improve your rankings for particular keywords.

It’s essential to track your progress over time and adjust your strategy as needed to continue seeing results from your link building efforts.

A link building company can help your business in several ways:

  1. First, improve your website’s search engine rankings: A link building campaign can help improve your website’s rankings, leading to increased traffic and visibility for your business. This can help you reach more potential customers and drive more sales and revenue.
  2. Build relationships with other industry professionals and websites: A link building company can help you to build relationships with other industry professionals and websites, which can be valuable for networking and building your online presence.
  3. Increase your online visibility: Building high-quality, relevant backlinks can help increase your online visibility and make it easier for potential customers to find your business.
  4. Strengthen your brand: A link building campaign can help strengthen your brand by increasing your online presence and establishing your business as a thought leader in your industry.
  5. Save time and resources: Link building can be time-consuming and requires a certain level of expertise. A link building company can bring a wealth of experience and resources to the table, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Yes, a link building company can be beneficial if you’re in a competitive industry.

Building high-quality, relevant backlinks can be difficult in a competitive industry. Still, a link building company can bring a wealth of experience and resources to the table to help you stand out from the competition.

A link building campaign can help improve your search engine rankings and increase your online visibility, which can be especially valuable in a competitive industry.

By building relationships with other industry professionals and websites, you can establish your business as a thought leader and strengthen your brand in the competitive landscape.

Choosing a link building company that has experience in your industry and understands the specific challenges you face is essential.

A reputable link building company should be able to provide evidence of its success in similar industries. It should be able to explain the strategies they use to build backlinks in a competitive environment.

Yes, a link building company can be helpful for a new website, as high-quality building backlinks is essential to improving your search engine rankings and increasing your online visibility.

However, it’s essential to be realistic about the results you can expect from a link building campaign for a new website.

It can take time to build a strong foundation of high-quality backlinks, and it’s essential to focus on building relationships and creating valuable content in the early stages of your website’s development.

Here are a few tips for building links for a new website:

  1. First, create valuable, informative content: One of the most effective ways to attract backlinks is by creating useful and informative content for your target audience. This can include blog posts, infographics, or other content relevant to your industry and providing value to your readers.
  2. Outreach to other websites: You can reach out to other websites in your industry and ask if they would be interested in linking to your content. Be sure to provide a specific reason for your content being a good fit for their audience.
  3. Participate in online communities and forums: Engaging with other industry professionals in online communities and forums can be an excellent way to build relationships and potentially earn backlinks.
  4. Utilize social media: Promoting your content on social media platforms can help increase your online visibility and potentially attract backlinks.

It’s essential to be patient and understand that link building is a long-term process that requires consistent effort.

Creating valuable content and building relationships can help establish your website as a trusted source in your industry and attract high-quality backlinks over time.

When reviewing a link building contract, you should look for the following:

  • A clear explanation of the link building services being provided: The contract should outline the specific tactics and strategies the company will use to build links for your website and the frequency of their work. This will help you understand what you can expect from the link building campaign and how the company will approach the project.
  • A timeline for the link building campaign: The contract should specify the length of the link building campaign and any milestones that will be reached along the way. This will help you understand the project’s scope and when you can expect to see results.
  • Pricing and payment terms: The contract should include details on the cost of the link building services and the payment terms, including any upfront fees or ongoing monthly payments. This will help you understand the financial commitment involved in the link building campaign.
  • Termination provisions: The contract should outline the terms under which the link building campaign can be terminated, including any fees that may be owed if the agreement is terminated early. This will help you understand your rights and responsibilities if you need to end the link building campaign before it is completed.
  • Confidentiality provisions: The contract should include provisions to protect your confidential information, including any proprietary information about your business or marketing strategies. This will help ensure that your sensitive business information is kept private.

By carefully reviewing a link building contract, you can ensure that you have a clear understanding of the services being provided and the terms of the agreement.

This can help you decide whether a link building company is a good fit for your business.

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