If you are marketing a product or service, educating your audience is the best way to sell.

One of the best ways to elevate your authority online is to answer questions your target people care about. By helping them solve problems, gain new insights and ideas, and learn to do a thing, gives you the leverage to gain their trust — leading to more followers for your personal brand.

How to Use Quora For Marketing

Here are four ways you can use Quora for marketing: 

  1. Prioritize most visible questions
  2. Re-answer questions you’ve answered in your blog
  3. Invest in adding higher value with your answers
  4. Include other content formats in your answers
  5. Discover new headline topics from questions


Prioritize most visible questions

Like any other content marketing strategy, you want to start by looking at the highest yield of your resources once you allocate them to an initiative.

In Quora marketing, this means you identify questions that have the highest visibility. You want to get the most out of your efforts by ensuring the questions you’ve answered are ones receiving the highest views from people.

One way to do that is to reverse engineer questions that are currently ranking in search results. You can use Ahrefs to find ranking pages in Quora. Filter pages based on your topics of choice. Now, you have questions that are likely to receive continuous traffic.


Another technique to discover the most visible questions in Quora is to check the “Most Viewed Writers” on topics you’re interested in.


Simply choose the topics of your choice. Then view the “Most Viewed Writers” for those topics. Check the top profiles in the section. On their profiles, you’ll see a bunch of questions they’ve answered.

top writer top questions


Add those questions to your list. Then later, decide if they’re worth giving attention to answers.

Re-answer questions you’ve answered in your blog

Content distribution is a must after you’ve published your content piece. Many content creators start hitting the publish button without any plans to promote their web assets. They celebrate but don’t take the time to let their audience know about their piece.

Start looking for evergreen content assets on your blog – ones you’ve published before but remain relevant to your audience.

Match it to Quora questions by searching for any relevant questions you can answer using your inputs from your content asset. This will take some time to dissect your page to see any connected insights to questions you see in Quora.

Invest in adding higher value with your answers

If you are targeting the most visible questions, you’re likely to end up seeing multiple answers for each of them. Quora content creators produce different answers — a few of which are value-adding to the target readers.

Now, this is the time where you think of ways to add more value to the question itself. Here are some tips to help you craft a better answer:

  • Read other answers to the question. Look at how other Quora writers deliver their insights. Ask yourself, are they missing some important inputs here? Do they directly answer the question?
  • Share experiences, case studies, and stories to prove your points — not just to make your answer look appealing. The goal is to provide value. This means you check how your experience can help the person solve a need (an answer to a question).
  • Don’t sell your product or service, if it’s not connected to your answer. Make up your mind that you solve the answer with the best insights you’ve got not with spam links to your money pages.

quora image to answers

Include other content formats in your answers

Relevant content marketing is putting enough effort into making your content consumed by the majority of your target readers.

In Quora marketing, you include other content formats to your answers for other learning styles (besides reading).

You may add videos and images (i.e. infographics and illustrations) to your inputs. One tip is that if you know your answers might be quite long, insert images or videos in between paragraphs to get readers engaged.

Discover new headline topics from questions

If you are looking for content strategies for organic growth, you can try getting inspiration from Quora questions.

One beautiful way to make your content cut through the noise of so many other topics is to know which headline topic would you choose.

Part of that is discovering the top questions in Quora related to the subject you’re writing about. Tweak your headline based on what most people are querying in.

Here are some useful guides on using community topics for copywriting your content’s headlines:


Benefits of Using Quora For Marketing

Brand Exposure

Quora gives you the opportunity to expose your brand to audiences you never had a chance to interact with. That is a good chance to add more people to your customer base.

Brand recall happens when your brand is exposed continuously to the right audience. As they always see your brand bringing value through expertly-crafted content, it brings the impression of what your brand is about and what it purposefully delivers to its audience.

Quora’s exceptional reach is without a doubt. Either you want to try to tap a new audience with topics still aligned to your brand,

Thought Leadership

It takes a while to build thought leadership online. People have to know who you are and what makes you different from other similar personalities.

However, content distribution through Quora helps you get started with thought leadership. Over time, people will naturally come to you for media and blog interviews, advice for their brand activities, and company partnerships.

Audience Insights

You can’t market effectively to your audience without knowing their changing behaviors. That includes what topics and trends they’re looking at, their current situations through questions they ask, and what forms of content they mostly consume.

Link Acquisition

Constantly getting links to your website isn’t easy. It requires the discovery of new ways to provide value to a potential linker with hopes of links.

Quora helps you do link building to your website from answers to the audience’s questions. Make sure that your linking page serves as a reference for more information to your answered query. It should be relevant and must be of use to readers with more insights about the topic.

Referral Traffic

Given that will be an insertion of blog links to your content, you’re likely to receive traffic from Quora. That’s the reason why it’s important to place links properly where it is normally seen for more references.

Search Visibility

Quora has an increasing demand for searches as it ranks for several keywords in many industries. Given its engagement and low search competition for questions (keyphrases that have search volume), pages of Quora get most of the search visibility.

ahrefs quora


In cases when questions you’ve answered rank for niche phrases on search results, you get the benefit of more exposure for your answers.


On Maximizing Community Websites

With an abundance of time, marketers must be willing to put more hours into bringing value to their audience. That includes providing solutions to problems, and thought-provoking answers to questions.

Quora is a good community place to start engaging your audience, provide answers to product-related questions, and establish thought leadership in your space.