Webinars are all over the place. From left to right, we see entities, businesses, and individuals using webinars to promote their own messages to people — whether for the purpose of educating their audience or selling them products or services.

What makes webinars so useful is its built-in value where knowledgeable experts share their insights on a given topic. The value of content increases even more as the expertise to skills becomes more relevant and more useful to the audience.

how to use webinars link building lead generation

There are different formats of webinars, most of which come with a full seminar-like discussion on a subject matter. Others prefer to have an interview or Q&A type discussion with esteemed guests.

This now gives us a full reason to maximize webinars for the purpose we’re engaged in.

In this post, we’ll cover how you can use webinars for link building and lead generation.


How to Use Webinars For Link Building

Content is king – no doubt. If you don’t have content to offer to potential linkers, you’re less likely to get links. Even if you have established thought leadership and authority in your space, you still need to produce content pieces to attract high-quality backlinks.

Webinars help you pursue link building. You only need to be strategic in how you develop this content piece and distribute it massively to your target audience.

Guest on topical webinar series

First in the list of link building techniques is reaching out to content developers with webinar series. These webinar series feature guests in the industry who can be part of the discussion — either as a webinar lecturer or guest interviewee.

Take advantage of this opportunity given that you can hit two birds with one stone — get links from webinar transcripts (once the content is published on the creator’s blog) and increase brand awareness for your site.

Take a look at this webinar series by Search Engine Journal.

search engine journal webinar series

Start by searching for links of webinar series creators in your space.

You can use Google search using search phrases, like “webinar series” “INDUSTRY” or “webinars” “INDUSTRY”.

Create a spreadsheet to fill in details of your target webinar creators. These include website name, the title of webinar series, host, and contact information. This helps you easily track the progress of your outreach once you begin with sending email pitches.

When doing outreach to webinar content creators, use your expertise, and describe how it can be of help to their audience. This is your value proposition — at its best. Maintain the conversation with your intent of providing more value to their followers than just appearing to be going only after for links.

Distribute webinars as guest posts

Another way to maximize webinars for link building is through the distribution of webinars as guest posts.

Essentially, you don’t simply send links of your webinar videos to your target prospects. You check first with target guest blogs what they want as topics for their audience.

This is where you should play creatively. You can use the topic of the webinar as one of your suggested guest blogging ideas.

In addition, you may also chop a webinar into different topics (if the content is full-packed with information) and suggest these topics to your prospective publication.

You can check out this detailed guide on scaling guest posting ideas.

You can transcribe your webinars and turn them into actual guest posts (with edits on the side).

Another means is to only get insights and points of your webinars, use them as your outline, and write a guest post from scratch.

Both ways can help you craft a high-caliber guest post for your target blog.

Turn webinar slides into infographics

You want to maximize every piece of production for a webinar. That includes the slide presentation used for the discussion.

You can turn webinar slides into some kind of infographics, particularly if the points or information are easily digestible in an infographic format.

By outsourcing graphic works to a freelancer, you can automate this process of turning webinar slides into infographics. This makes more ROI positive if you are doing webinars regularly whether for internal or external production channels, as you get more infographics produced from many webinar slides.

Besides for link building purposes, webinars are also utilized to generate leads for a business. 

Let’s discuss how you can use webinars for lead generation.

How to Use Webinars For Lead Generation

As I’ve mentioned earlier, webinars have built-in value if it’s presented by thought leaders in the industry. That makes it easy for content teams to get visitors to flow through the marketing funnel — potentially hitting the bottom line of new customers.

One high utility of webinars is making it as a bait for visitors to collect their email addresses in exchange for the video content.

Landing Pages

Create a dedicated landing page that emphasizes what your content consumers can get out of your webinars. Ensure you’ll have forms to capture their email addresses. Example of which is this webinar landing page by Wordstream

wordstream webinar series

Short Videos

In the age of distractions, people tend to lose their attention quickly on long video messages. That being said, putting a webinar for them might require that your content is of high value in order to retain their attention.

The best way to capture more interests and make your brand gain more visibility is to chop webinars into short videos. These are videos that can stand on their own and can be disseminated quickly depending on how good your short video is.

What you want to do is to edit short videos in such a way that it highlights the value of information without losing much interest from its prospect watchers.

So, how do these short videos play in generating leads?

As you get more eyeballs to your micro content, you generate awareness of your brand, hitting two sections of the funnel — Attention, and Interest.


Podcast consumption has increased dramatically for years now. Taking advantage of this opportunity can help your business improve its lead generation activity by numbers.

Format webinars into audio content. Start a podcast featuring these new content pieces from your webinars. Repackage it such in a way that it keeps listeners engaged.

podcast lead generation

Key Takeaways

Don’t just ride on the current trends in marketing where everyone is into webinars. Remember to have a good strategy and set of action plans to be able to maximize what you have produced in order to build more relevant links — and eventually, generate leads for your business.

Give consideration to how you distribute webinars to your target audience as this will help increase visibility and likelihood of your campaign success both for short term and long term goals.