Outreach is a critical part of any link building campaigns given that this is where you have to ensure your prospects are pitched carefully with extreme value for them.

With so many tools to aid your outreach process, it’s so hard to identify which ones actually help you move the needle in every initiative of the campaign.

There is one web product that’s been available in the market to help you with finding someone’s email addresses, email verification, and scheduling email pitches.

It’s VoilaNorbert.


What Is VoilaNorbert?

VoilaNorbert is a lead intelligence software that allows you to find new email addresses of people you are trying to pitch, verify the validity of those emails, and/or schedule emails at your preferred date and time. 

Features, Details, and Pricing

Unlike other outreach tools that have tens of features, VoilaNorbert focuses on three core uses.

The first is finding leads.

Find email addresses

VoilaNorbert helps you discover and collect the corporate emails of decision-makers of businesses you’re trying to get in touch with. It also helps you find the email addresses of publishers, bloggers, or any content creator you are looking to pitch for content publishing.

Finding email addresses can be done manually. Go for each target website or page, skim through it, and keen an eye on a section that tells you the right contact person and email address to contact. Copy and paste it to your spreadsheet and you’re done.

That is the most basic way of doing it.

However, doing it on a scale of hundreds and thousands of prospects will consume so much time you could otherwise spend on crafting an email copy that gets their interests.

Furthermore, if you’re working on a scalable link building strategy, i.e. guest blogging and broken link building, it’s vital to find a tool that will get things done very quickly — as in the case of collecting important contact details of outreach prospects.


Verify emails

Did your emails fail to receive responses from your link targets?

It’s probably not because your email pitch is crap, but that the email address isn’t valid anymore –

VoilaNorbert gives you the ability to validate emails in real-time. By doing so, you can now reach real people and expect replies from them.

There are tools that function just like that — verifying email addresses. But if you’re looking for a flexible one that does both two core functions straight from the platform: finding email addresses and verifying them, VoilaNorbert is the best fit for you.

You can have both functionalities without having to leave the platform.


Enrich contacts

Enriching contacts is sending emails to target link prospects with the right message at the right time they’ll be more likely to see and read your email message.

It’s important to have a good understanding of what makes an email message effective, especially in aiming to get organic links.

One principle you can apply is the A.I.D.A model, which is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Make sure you have these elements included in your email pitch — to make it strong enough to entice responses from your link targets.

Here are some resources you may find valuable to improve your email copies:

How Does VoilaNorbert Work?

Sign up to get your first free 50 leads.

voilanorbert register


Once you’ve confirmed your registration, you can now log in to the tool.

You’ll then see the features of the tool. Let’s talk about each of them.

voilanorbert features


There are two prospecting methods: manual and bulk.

voilanorbert manual prospecting


With manual prospecting, you simply have to enter the name of the contact person and the domain URL of the website. Then click, Go Ahead, Norbert!.


As for bulk prospecting, you have to upload your CSV file with columns for Names and Company Names.

voilanorbert bulk prospecting


What I liked about VoilaNorbert is that it gives you a sense of the validity of the email by showing you a green color for a high percentage, an orange one for mid, or red for a low percentage of validity.

Furthermore, if you wish to send an email straight from the platform, you can do so by clicking the Mailbox button.

voilanorbert email straight from platform


Link builders should look for ways to improve their productivity. In finding email addresses, VoilaNorbert saves you enough time with its Chrome extension tool.

voilanorbert chrome extension


If you’re on your target page, simply click the VoilaNorbert tool in your toolbox. You can use it immediately to find the right email address for that page. It’s a handy feature that keeps you highly productive in your email-finding process.

You may want to check out this guide on top Gmail extensions you can use for linker outreach, and link building in general.


To avoid failed messages and ensure you’re making the cut through every email pitch you send, it’s important to validate email addresses.

Other  important reasons to include email validation in your outreach process:

  • Reduces time spent pitching invalid email addresses.
  • Easily diverts efforts to finding secondary emails, in case the primary email address collected is invalid.
  • Clean input in a spreadsheet or on an outreach platform — leading to a more organized outreach workflow

With VoilaNorbert, you can verify emails based on the number of emails you need. This is a good feature that differentiates it from its tool competitors — as it saves so much money if you’re into a small outreach campaign.

There are three ways to validate your emails:

  • Upload a CSV file
  • Copy and paste email addresses from a spreadsheet
  • Use connected integrations from other sites/tools (i.e. Mailchimp, Hubspots, or Mailshake).

voilanorbert email verification


One important note here is that there are emails that will be marked as “Risky” when you start verifying emails. These “risky-marked” emails simply mean that there’s a high chance of bounce for that email address.

VoilaNorbert verifies the connection to the mail server owning the email address. If it’s not established properly, it is marked with red color and/or risky. The tool has proper functionalities to ensure proper accuracy of email validation — giving you confidence in the results.


In crafting email copies for link building outreach, it’s important to include details that matter to your recipient. You can do that by having an overview of their interests.

It’s easy to check a Twitter profile, get a sense of what the prospect is up to, his or her location, and what can make you engaged with him/her in your email pitch.

The thing is, if you’re doing it on scale finding each and every social account of prospects, it may not be a good investment for your time.

VoilaNorbert helps you with this matter.  It can fetch the current job title, employer, location, and even social networks of the person behind the email you’re verifying.

This quick feature gives you the ability to know more about your link prospects and not just spam them with another generic pitch.

voilanorbert enrichment emails

Best Alternatives to VoilaNorbert

I highly recommend that you use VoilaNorbert in doing outreach tasks efficiently (finding email addresses, email verification, and initial email pitching).

In case, you’re not satisfied with its features, here are two alternatives that you can try out:


Our link building team is heavily using Hunter as part of one of our email-finding tools. It lets us find email addresses in seconds.

With over 200+ million email addresses indexed, Hunter already has effective search filters and scoring to give you a list of email addresses that you need for the right context.


Clearbit has a deep data engine that’s very efficient for lead generation processes. If you’re looking for integrations into many platforms, Clearbit’s functionality is a good try for you.

Whatever tools you use, whether it’s VoilaNorbert, Hunter, or Clearbit, you can leverage them for core outreach initiatives for whatever campaign that is – blogger outreach, influencer outreach, or other types of outreach campaigns.

Finding Email Addresses and Validation At Scale

It doesn’t’ hurt to try VoilaNorbert for your linker outreach campaigns. Being able to collect email addresses and validating them in minutes is a huge legwork any link builder aims for.

Validating emails is another micro process that will make a huge difference in how your email outreach results turn out.

Those two processes: finding email addresses and email validation are critical success factors in email outreach.

However, it’s important to know which parts of the process need your most precious time and attention. Those are crafting email copies with personalization and value proposition.