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Link building is not complete without emails. In order for us to build relationships with other bloggers, we must have a venue to connect with them. And one best thing to bring together bloggers is through email outreach. It is when you contact the bloggers you have prospected to gain exposure for you or your client’s products and services.  But before you proceed to outreach, you first need to look for the email of the person you are trying to connect to. The more specific it is, the better.



This is where they’ll most likely be adding all ways to connect with them, like their social media pages, contact form or email address. Do note that contact forms are not always advisable because it has a lower chance of response rate than when you reach out directly using an email of a specific person.

contact page


Many website owners take their emails as part of their identity. That is why we can  sometimes see emails on the about page. Some like their contacts put on a different page especially if they use contact forms. Others prefer it to be included in their about page.

about me page


All the boring legal stuff aside, some bloggers include their email address on their privacy policy page for readers or other people who wish to email them regarding their queries about the security of their personal identifiable information given to the website.

Privacy Policy


You can also try to look in their disclaimer or disclosure page where they state  that the information readers have seen in this blog are meant to be taken as an opinion to avoid  lawsuits or that they receive compensation from companies they advertise. There are instances where they add their personal email for it to be easily seen for people who wish to reach them regarding their queries.




Just check the social media accounts of the blogger and click on the about page. Voila! You will then find the email address you are looking for.


social media facebook page


Google Plus


All My Tweets is a handy tool you can use in Twitter to find all the tweets an individual has made. You can even opt to hide replies and retweets. You just have to sign-in with your Twitter account and you’re good to go! With this, you can also try to look for your prospect’s email because at some point there is a great chance that he tweeted something with their email address on it.

All my tweets

Here are the steps to start using this tool:

  1. Go to and sign-in with your twitter account.
  2. Type in the twitter account of the person you are trying to search.
  3. A result of all his tweets will be shown. You can then use CTRL + F  or COMMAND + F (if you’re using a Mac Laptop) to search for the word “email” faster than going through all his tweets one by one.  
  4. Just skim through the tweets that mentioned “email” and if you’re lucky, you will find an email that your prospect tweeted.


Google can be quite dandy in doing detective work for you. We can play around Google search by combining search operators and add-ons to get a more specific result. Let me cite some examples:

name + “email” OR “contact”

search operator email contactsite:[domain.suffix] + “email” OR “contact”

search operator domain suffix

domain.suffix + name + email

search operator name email

domain.suffix + name[at]domain.suffix

search operator domain name email


If you want to save time and find email addresses in seconds, Email Hunter is a magnificent tool to instantly find email addresses within the website itself just by clicking on its icon Google extension. There is a catch though. Request for email through this tool is only up to 150 each month unless you upgrade to their premium account.

If you want to use this tool, all you have to do is to create a free account then download its Google Chrome extension.

email hunter

Though Email Hunter is convenient to find email addresses FAST, it becomes irrelevant when some bloggers tend to be more creative in publishing their contact information.

Some bloggers may publish their email address in image format.

blacksburg belle email

Some may try to emphasize the @ and change it to [at] or the period and replace it with [dot].

email with [at] or [dot]

Note: Unless the correct email format is hyperlinked on these creative formatting, the blogger’s email address will remain hidden from Email Hunter.



Clearbit is another great tool to look for emails of a specific domain.

First, you have to install the chrome extension. Using your gmail account, click “Connect”.

clearbit chrome gmail

Type in the name of the company or domain you are looking for then press Enter.

clearbit finding email address


email hunter get the email address

email hunter found dr pete email address

Note: Not all domains you will key in will give you results. However, there’s no harm in trying.


This tool is very handy for those who are looking for email address of company owners/staff.

Head over to

Type in the full name of the person.

Copy and paste the domain of the website.

Click the search button.



Why validate emails you say? There are cases where the email addresses that bloggers provide are no longer valid or are inactive. Through email verification, you can then authenticate that the email address which you are going to send your message to is a valid email. You therefore minimize failed messages and improve your email deliverability and the chances of it to be seen.


Rapportive is a also a Google Chrome extension that gives you results of everything you need to know about the person you are trying to contact pulled from their LinkedIn information. You can try to use this to validate an email to know if it exists.


To use this plugin:

  1. First you have to download Rapportive.
  2. Compose an email using your Gmail account.
  3. Key in the email address you found or the potential combination of email addresses using the bloggers name and domain name until a photo appears along with your prospect’s LinkedIn information.

Note: You have to sign-in with your own Gmail and LinkedIn account to be able to use this plugin.


What if they don’t have a LinkedIn account connected to their email? That’s not a problem! is another way to verify the email address of an individual, even without the connection of social media profiles to their emails. What you have to do is simply go to and key in the potential email address you have created in mind to see if it is valid.

Email verification tool


You wouldn’t say you know Batman if you didn’t see him behind his mask. In searching for emails, it is very important to catch the more specific email rather than the generic ones. Most bloggers use their name or initials plus their blog or domain name. Just be experimental in combining the blogger’s name, domain name and punctuation mark such as dot or underscore. The key to finding valid emails easily is by searching in obvious places first and verifying them through third party tools. This will be a great help especially in checking bulk email addresses.

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