Gmail has been widely used as a common outreach platform for marketers reaching out to webmasters, publishers, and other link partners. In hopes for any action from the end-user (i.e. a link or social share), marketers send initial pitches and engages respondents until the desired action is made.

gmail extensions

Today, we’ll cover 10 Gmail extensions that will allow you to speed up some email outreach processes for link acquisition and other content promotion initiatives.


1. Mailtrack. io

Cost: From Free to $4.99 per month subscription ($2.49 per year – a huge discount if you subscribed annually)

Useful for: Email tracking

mailtrack io email tracking tool allows you to check if your emails were sent and opened by recipients. You can even see how many times and in what particular hours your emails were opened by clicking the Mailtrack. io section of the email.

mailtrack tracking check lines

Knowing how your emails were treated will help you then, take appropriate actions.

For example, if your email hasn’t been opened for days and weeks, it is unwise to send a follow-up email when the original one was not read yet. You may, in this particular instance, try to look for another contact person and his or her email address from the same page or website. Reach out and ask if he or she can direct your message to your desired contact. also notifies you in real-time when you are logged into your Gmail account.

If you are subscribing as a Pro user, you will have access to its additional features such as click tracking (knowing when your recipients click on the links in your emails), and reminders (receiving email notifications if your emails have not been read after 24 hours). Both of these features help you better monitor your outreach accounts.

2. Grammarly

Cost: From Free to Premium Accounts ($29.95/month or $11.66/month for annual subscription)

Useful for: Email grammar check


Every email needs to be checked for any grammatical errors, tone, style, messaging and any other factors that makes them successfully opened, read and responded to.

By integrating Grammarly to your Gmail account, you will quickly notice if the content of your email needs grammar improvement. You can correct any errors as quickly as possible and send a beautifully touched pitch to your potential link partner.

You will avoid the painful mistakes of not receiving a positive response just because one word or phrase confuses the entire message of your email.

Of course, there are words or phrases in certain lingos that should be added to make your email relevant to its end user. In that case, simply ignore red underlines of Grammarly.

3. Unroll. me

Cost: Free

Useful for: Email inbox cleaning

There are websites wherein the only way to contact them is through their contact forms. If you’re in a hurry filling out those forms, you may have overlooked the default check box option for email subscription updates (normally located at the bottom of the contact form).

Several unnecessary (promotional) email updates like that, from different sites will now clutter your Gmail inbox (in which the inbox is supposedly created for linker outreach purposes only).

unroll me unsubscription gmail extension tool helps you easily clean your inbox by unsubscribing from emails you don’t want to see – these primarily include email updates from websites you reach out via their contact forms. Unless you are really interested in their updates, it is best to delete them to focus you more of outreach emails you have to reply to.

4. Gorgias Templates

Cost: Free

Useful for: Initial pitch, Email conversations

If you ever wonder how you can scale your outreach with ease, then you probably need Gorgias Templates.

By integrating this extension to your Gmail account, it allows you to quickly add an email template (or semi-outreach template) straight to your email. It is quite similar to Gmail’s Canned Response but offers lesser friction by choosing and using any of these two methods.

First, you can click on the G button and the appropriate template for your email. The email template will be generated automatically.gorgias templates

Second, you can type in the shortcut text and click TAB in your keyboard to insert templates quickly.

You don’t have to copy and paste your email templates when you use Gorgias Templates. With a few clicks and shortcut tabs, you’ll be able to send hundreds of emails within hours. So if you are ever looking for high efficiency in outreach, then this Gmail extension should be your first choice.

5. Discoverly

Cost: Free

Useful for: Customizing email pitches

Knowing about your recipient’s interests, needs and/or wants is vital in customizing your email pitch. The simplest way to do it is to use Google to research and to collect these details, but doing so for hundreds of your contacts will definitely consume a huge chunk of your time.

Discoverly, a Gmail extension, can be your alternative tool to quickly view your potential link partner’s details and go quickly to their social profiles – if you want to.

You don’t have to switch your tabs to and from your Gmail platform, all you have to do is to click on your contact’s email address and a Discoverly section will pop-up in a second.

6. Right Inbox

Cost: From Free to monthly subscription of $7.95/month ($5.95/month for an annual subscription)

Useful for: Customizing email pitches

Gmail adds another feature in their platform that tells you if an email hasn’t received a response from your end (or needs a follow-up).

That’s an interesting Gmail feature now, if you ask me. But still, I am yet to come across a feature on their tool that allows you to schedule emails at a specific day and time.

recurring right inbox

RightInbox, a freemium tool offers you the ability to schedule your emails at your preferred day and time. Not only that, if you want to get reminders from recurring emails (not necessarily the ones that need follow-up), but emails you should respond to within the day, that in itself helps you organize your email communications. 

7. Inbox When Ready

Cost: From Free (14 days trial) to $4/month (Pro) and $30/month (Team)

Useful for: Focus on email conversations

Distractions may come your way when you’re doing outreach. These distractions include promotional newsletters from websites you’ve subscribed to unintentionally, i.e. default check on boxes on websites’ contact forms, alert notifications of read emails from another Gmail extension or even, failed messages.

If you’re not prepared for this, you may lose your focus instantly and could totally affect your deep work activities (discussion with your content development team, brainstorming on new linkable ideas, and so on).

Inbox When Ready solves that problem of losing your focus by hiding your inbox by default.

inbox when ready

You can even define a schedule when will your inbox be locked out so you can batch processing of your emails at optimal times. Aside from scheduling inbox lockout, Inbox When Ready also shows you how much total time you want to spend on organizing your email communications.

In addition to features, you can hide category tab notifications that may distract you when replying to potential link targets. Instead of you opening or even reading promotional emails, you can disable them so you can focus on your Gmail’s primary inbox.

8. Checker Plus for Gmail

Cost: Free

Useful for: Initial pitching, Email conversations

checker plus for gmail

Ever had a difficult time switching to different Gmail accounts which serve different purposes or are used for different outreach personas?

The hassle of signing out in current Gmail account and signing in to another one could be solved by installing Checker Plus for Gmail.

This Gmail extension allows you to easily manage multiple accounts. You can even set which account you want to pop-up notifications on your browser, and even read or delete emails without opening Gmail.

Checker Plus for Gmail is a very effective tool in ensuring your Gmail outreach accounts are properly managed. It’s definitely a must-try if you have several outreach personal accounts.

9. Streak

Cost: From Free to $49/month (Professional) and $99/month (Enterprise)

Useful for: Initial pitching, Email conversations

One differentiator of Streak from other similar Gmail inbox management extensions is its ability to organize communication flow. Meaning, you can create different categories of your outreach flow by labeling which emails aren’t interested with your email pitch, emails that are likely to give you a link or emails that need follow-up sooner.

Streak also makes easy to share emails across team without the need to forward or even your cc team members.

If you prefer customer relationship management or CRM-like structure Gmail extension, Streak fits your choice.

10. KeyRocket

Cost: Free

Useful for: Initial pitching, Email conversations

keyrocket gmail shortcuts

Shortcuts in any form or area makes you more efficient than ever.

But the only reason why we don’t maximize them to some extent is we don’t really know them.

There’s a Gmail extension tool that will keep you and me semi-memorized keyboard shortcuts specifically on Gmail — that is, KeyRocket.

KeyRocket’s shortcuts come just at the right time when you need it. For example, if I need to go to my inbox, what I need to press on my keyboard is G then I.

KeyRocket tracks your movements and suggest appropriate shortcuts to help you get things done faster. It’s like an assistant working beside with you that provides quick and helpful tips and tricks.

There you go, these are 10 Gmail Extensions that I’ve found to be incredibly valuable in managing your Gmail outreach accounts. Try one, two, or five of these tools and let me know in the comments section how they’ve helped you in your outreach efforts.

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