Link building is not a “one time, big time investment” that would instantly take your website to higher rankings. Those who treat link building as such are putting themselves at risk. At SharpRocket, we have a step by step process to ensure that your long term investment in link building will have an impact to your business objectives.

Our link building process starts by understanding deeply your brand’s target audience. Our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your website before conducting a in depth research to build the list of websites.

Our custom link building service is designed not only to help you increase your brand exposure but also drive the right referral  traffic to your website.

Our internal research includes determining specific groups of audience to reach out to, either a mid-level influencer or a popular journalist in your industry as well as looking at what particular tactics to use for your link building campaign that will yield the best results as possible.


We align our tactics to your digital marketing goals, including but not limited to:

  • Increasing organic traffic through higher rankings
  • Generating assisted conversions
  • Increasing direct visits to your content asset
  • Building trusted relationships with industry influencers and bloggers

If you have other goals that are not listed above, i.e. goals of your enterprise link building campaign, we’ll cooperate with your team to make sure these goals are met.


We have a dedicated set of teams to execute an internal process that maximizes your website’s content, whether it is an image, article, video or whitepaper – we’ll make sure that it will get the traction that it deserves.

We connect to bloggers, influencers and content creators in the industry whom we’ve built relationships with to introduce to them the client’s content piece. As we continuously bringing them high quality content assets that would be useful to their readers, the client becomes the reliable and authority source of information in the industry – which makes trust marketing possible.

We determine potential linkers in the community who are highly interested to what your content is offering. We’ve used different email outreach strategies to nudge them to take an action – which is linking to your content. We do this not through manipulation, but with continuous testing on different subject lines to increase email open rates. We also write different variations of email copy to improve response and link acquisition rates.


Anybody can post a comment on a blog, put a link in a forum thread or buy domains and create a private blog network. We differentiate ourselves by setting the right metrics that aims to achieve business goals.

At SharpRocket, we don’t measure quality by Domain Authority (DA) only PageRank or just how good the website design is. We work with your team to understand your priority pages and to collaborate with your existing relationships, networks and connections in order to build high quality links to your website.


We measure authority and trust signals of websites based on Moz’s Domain Authority, Trustflow and Citation Flow of Majestic SEO and SEMRush’s organic traffic trend history. These criteria allow us to filter out domains that won’t add benefit to a client website in terms of link equity, referral traffic and assisted conversions.

We know how to target quality potential backlink targets with the right metrics set for each campaign.


We consider the date of the latest post of a publisher or content creator as a basis of the website’s ability to drive referral traffic to our client’s page. We want your links not only to stay long on websites but ultimately drive targeted visitors to your business.


One of the main factors of Google in identifying the value of a link is relevance. We are not looking at domain to domain theme but we are particular in looking at websites that have pages that are niche relevant to the client’s target page.

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