How to Create Backlinks Using Existing Content


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Hello everyone, this is Venchito Tampon, Director of Marketing here at SharpRocket. Today, I’ll answer one question, “How do I create backlinks using existing content?”


There are two ways on how you can attack this. Number one, if it’s a new content, recently published within the week. For example, just this Monday, then you can use link roundups to get backlinks from bloggers or webmasters who produce link roundups.

Link roundups are pages that curate the best article or the best resources of the week, every month or every two weeks related to your industry. What you can do is to do Google searches for industry link roundups in some industries like finance or fashion.


Link roundups are named as blog hop, link roundups and blog parties. These are terms that you can use check out if there are avaialble link roundups in your industry. Reach out to them and share your best content if it’s a new published content.


Second thing, if it’s evergreen. It is relevant and will remain fresh even after 3 or 5 years. What you can do is to find resource pages or links pages, inurl:links.html “industry” then the industry or topic. Then check out if there are resource pages available.

Gauge or qualify them based on authority or trust. Once you find that these are great opportunities, that’s the time that you can reach out for links to execute your email outreach campaign.


I hope I answered your question. Build more links, rocket up your rankings.