Infographics are not plain images crowded with random information. They are best content pieces that present one interesting core idea of a brand or industry. By creating a topic-specific and strategic infographic packed with useful data facts, we at SharpRocket can build a powerful linkable asset that can generate high-quality backlinks to your website.

Our first aim is to turn an idea to a data-driven visualization. Next is to promote it effectively to the right audience. Both of these goals can surpass your expectations as a client and can hit your business objectives you’ve set for your content marketing strategy.


infographic design services process


Our research team compile a number of relevant and quality ideas for client consideration. We use content marketing tools to generate these infographic ideas for a certain industry or target audience(s). These topics may come from analyses of the top performing posts within the client’s vertical – in the past week, month or year or a projection of trends in the current and succeeding years. Our researchers are also best at brainstorming evergreen content ideas that can stand a test of time and is likely to get continuous social shares and editorial links because of its value continuity.


Once the topic has been finalized, our researchers collect data from high-quality and credible sources. We then check the factual accuracy and quality of these references for our editorial review process. And finally our team plan and outline these data points and send it to the client for feedback.


Our team has an established process of using layout, fonts, imagery, color scheme and other important factors to make an infographic, not just “beautiful” but an engaging visual content for online consumers. Unlike other infographic design service providers, SharpRocket believes in excellent design that isn’t only creative but shows the true message of the idea.


Once the infographic is sent to the client and published, our team of outreach specialists can look for relevant websites from different online sources and qualify them based on a set of metrics. Our promotions team then use data-driven outreach strategies to build relationships with bloggers and publishers to get the content republished or covered on their websites.


The final phase of our infographic design and promotion process is to identify websites that featured the visual asset but without attributing to the original source. We then reach out to these publishers and ask for proper image credits.

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