Where to find the right link builder 

Hi, Venchito Tampon here, and today I wanna share with you 3 hiring strategies for link building roles that are unconventional — often agencies and SEO teams don’t pretty much not aware of.

And by the end of this episode, you can choose which hiring strategy can best work for you so that you’ll be able to hire a suitable high-quality link builder for your team.

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3 Unconventional Hiring Strategies For Link Building Roles

Link building is never easy compared to years ago, that is why you need to able to hire the right link builder for your team.

There are ways to do that, as you know, you can do the typical hiring of posting online jobs on different platforms.

Or if you’re going after freelance link builders, you can post job boards on freelancing websites like Upwork. 

Or you may create a dedicated page just for hiring – have an announcement on your website that you’re hiring for link building roles. 

Those things are good, but there are ways that you can apply to make sure you get only the quality ones. 

Here are 3 unconventional hiring strategies for link building roles.

First is to: 

Look for a content marketer role, instead of just a link builder

You may be thinking: 

We’re talking about link builders here Venchito, yet you’re raising the idea of “content marketers”.

Yes, because tasks involved of link builders are often tasks of a content marketer.

The reality is: you’ll find applicants who would like to apply for your link building roles with past extensive experiences — but those experiences don’t quality much. As they’ve been using so many different link building strategies, which can burn your website.

This means, that they could give you expectations of this and that, but ending up giving you irrelevant, spammy, low-quality links, which can badly hurt your website.

Whereas, a typical content marketer has content creation and promotion in mind.

Its objective isn’t a quick and shortcut way of getting the links right away, but rather have this mindset of pursuing publishers, other content creators of your clients, or of your brand.

This making sure that he or she is taking care of the brand quality, and don’t just pay the publisher for links for some quick wins of links.

A content marketer thinks of the value of content because at the end of the day, you should be providing reasons to your target prospects before they can give you backlinks.

It’s a value-driven approach to link building. So hiring a content marketer role with tasks of link building (getting links and promoting content) is a good and better strategy for some SEO and digital teams, than hiring straight link building roles.

That’s the first hiring strategy, let’s go to the second one:

Delegate link building tasks to junior SEOs

Yes, this isn’t about just hiring, but making sure you’re allocating your resources – your team effectively.

Link building tasks don’t have to be solo for just link builders. It can be done by junior SEOs in your team.

In fact, it’s a good training ground for marketers who don’t have many experiences in digital marketing. 

They don’t zero experiences, meaning they’re not burned down by spammy link building tactics that can hurt your brand or your clients.

This means that you can easily train them properly for the right link building tasks.

A good way to set this up is to create systems of tasks, document systems, doesn’t have to be fancy — just making sure they can follow step by step process of a specific link building strategy.

broken link building process document

Because a process or system helps you manage those junior SEOs doing link building tasks.

If you’re an enterprise and agency, this hiring or outsourcing strategy can best work for you. You don’t have expensive amounts hiring new members for your team, you simply align what you need to your current team roles – and make it work effectively.

And for one of the important hiring strategies for today is:

The best hiring strategy is still referrals. 

The third hiring strategy:

Ask within your networks

If you’re looking for a quality link builder, don’t expect answers from what you see online. Ask for people you trust the most in the SEO industry.

That’s the reason why it’s very important to be involved in the networking opportunities happening within the SEO world.

As you begin to expand your network, you can ask people in your circles if they know someone who’s into link building, either looking for a team to join (in-house) or a freelance link builder working with clients.

The good thing with this strategy is the trust that you can expect. There’s no guarantee, of course, but you can expect quality applicants for referrals. 

ask for referralsSo there you go, I shared with you 3 unconventional hiring strategies for link building roles. 

Before you go, I have a special gift for you.  if you’re looking for ways to build backlinks to your online store or you’re stuck as to what link building strategy to use for your website, simply go to the description of this podcast episode. 

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