Content is king. But only if you know what type of content and what blog topics to write about. 

Finding content ideas is one of the challenges of a content creator. Before we dive into how to find great blog topics. Let’s discover what to consider when finding blog topics. 

So that you don’t just create content for the sake of creating. But you’re creating content that matters to your audience. 


What are some considerations when finding blog topics? 

Your Audience

Who is your audience? You have to be clear about who are you creating content for? Who do you serve? 

The more you specific it, the easier it would be for you finding a blog topic. 

One way to do this is by developing your audience persona. 

Audience persona is a fictional representation of your audience. Either you draw a person or simply just state what does this person looks like.

The more specific your audience, the better off it would be in content creation. Where does this persona work? Does he or she have kids? How old is she? Where does he or she live? What challenges might he or she have in life or in business? 

kaiserthesage outreach personas

Besides audience targeting, the next thing you want to consider is traffic potential. 

Traffic Potential

When finding blog topics, you have to ask this question: is there enough traffic for this topic?

The reason you want to ask this is to know if there are people who are interested to learn about the topic. Because chances are you may be creating content for a topic that no one cares about.

Thirdly, you want to consider is ranking difficulty.

Ranking Difficulty

“Can I rank for this topic?”

By rankings, to be particular is search rankings. 

Because if the blog topic you choose has enough search traffic, and you can compete with pages that are specifically ranking for a keyword, you can gain more visibility from rankings itself. 

Now that we’ve discussed audience targeting, traffic potential, and ranking difficulty, let’s proceed to how you can find great blog topics to write about.

How to Find Great Blog Topics to Write About

First on the list is:

Use tools to discover keywords with search traffic. 

The easiest way to find great blog topics is to use tools. And not just using tools, but tools that can help you discover what topics people are searching for.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer

First, is you can use Ahrefs. It has its feature: Keyword Explorer, which can help you find keywords people are searching for in your industry.

So you simply go to Keyword Explorer, type in any keyword or topic related to your space, then it will show you keywords related either containing the exact phrase you search for and have similar phrases to that. 

ahrefs keyword how to brew coffee

Once you have a list of keywords, what you want to see is their traffic potential. Search volume is what you have to consider here. The higher search volume for the keyword, the more people are searching for it — which means a great blog topic to choose from.

Next thing is you want to know is if you can rank for the keyword, which we talked about earlier: ranking potential.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer gives you “keyword difficulty” which tells how difficult to rank for a keyword. It considers how strong and authoritative competing pages for that keyword. The lower the keyword difficulty, the easier it is for you to rank, and therefore, a great blog topic to consider.

ahrefs keyword difficulty

If you want to go deeper to ranking difficulty, you could also check how many links are pointing to each page ranking for the keyword.

Because the more links are pointing to each of the ranking pages, the more difficult it is to rank for the keyword. Of course, it’s not quantity of links, but also the quality of links. If the pages are getting links from trusted websites, the more difficult it is to rank for the keyword. 

Exploding Topics

Aside from Ahrefs, another tool that you can use is Exploding Topics.

exploding topics critical illness

Created by Brian Dean of Backlinko, Exploding topics can help you discover the hottest new trends in different industries.

Just go over to Exploding Topics. Choose the category that fits you and the time period to see how trending the topic is for 1 month or 3 years, let’s say.

exploding topics

Another tip for you to find great blog topics to write about is to listen to your audience.

Listen to your audience

And by listening to your audience, it means that you go where they hang out online.

You listen to what they say, to what they voice out, to what questions they ask and what topics they care about.

One website you can go to frequently is Reddit

So in Reddit, there are subreddits for different markets. 

You search for the topic of your choice, then it would give its suggested subreddits. 

reddit subreddits coffee keyword

You visit each subreddit and see from time to time what questions people ask in the platform. By simply reading the questions and comments, you’ll have ideas of topics they truly care about.

So instead of just creating content and wondering if there would be people who would promote, why not start by listening to your audience and creating content to serve what they really need.

And last strategy is find great blog topics is to model topic templates.

Model Topic Templates

There are specific topics and titles of content that are common to every industry, because it speaks of needs and wants of audiences.

I call this as “topic templates”.

model topic templates example inc magazine-article

Here are some topic templates:

  1. 10 Common Mistakes [Audience] Make When [Action]…
  2. Top 3 Secrets to [Result 1]
  3. How to be a Highly [Result 1] Person
  4. 5 [Industry] Predictions in [Year] 

So there are just a few examples of topic templates you can leverage for your blog. So go ahead and use any of these titles as ideas for your future content.

Let me know in the comments section what your biggest takeaway. As always, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more content marketing and link building tips.