The first link building strategy is using content gap analysis in guest blogging.

Have you ever received this kind of email? People sending you a pitch for your blog without even having any specific topics. Or even if they sent you topics, they’re mostly generic and not thinking of your audience.

This is what we want to avoid, right? 

So the first step to pitch topic ideas that your prospects’ audience actually need. 

You can use Ahrefs, it’s an SEO tool that has this Content Gap feature. So what it does is it helps you find keywords that you don’t rank, but other websites are targeting and ranking. 

So given we are using for guest blogging purposes, you want to look for keywords that your guest blog isn’t ranking yet, but its competitors are ranking already.

So now once you pitch to that blog. You don’t offer any generic topics. But rather list of topics brainstormed from keywords you know they have the tendency to rank. 

And here’s the good thing. The moment your topic was accepted, you submitted your guest content, and because it is targeted to a specific keyword, it now has the tendency to rank for its keyword. And once it ranks, your guest post gains more visibility. It gains more eyeballs from the blog’s target audience. And given you have a link from the guest post, you can receive constant referral traffic.