The eCommerce strategy to build backlinks to money pages without paying bloggers.

It’s actually one of the overlooked strategies when building links to online stores…and this is targeting where to buy pages.

Where to buy pages are basically pages where people search for places to find products or services. It includes lists of retailers, suppliers, affiliate partners, or anyone who distributes products you’re selling.

In different industries, there are where to buy pages that you can find. In the health industry, we have examples like “where to buy” diabetes care products.

In the transportation space, there are where to find transport options page, where people could just check the page and see what are the available options for traveling to and from the place.

You can also be as local-specific here like there are transport options page Adelaide (if you’re in Australia).

In the music industry, there are middle school and college websites that have vendors list pages. They have pages dedicated to sharing vendors of musical instruments with links pointing to each of their websites.

What you want to do is to check these link opportunities — where to buy pages in your industry.

So start with knowing your current and potential partners.

Who are your manufacturers? Who are your retailers? Who are your distributors? Make an inventory of these people, these brands. You also want to check if they have their own websites, and if they have “where to buy” pages on their sites.

To see that, you can use advanced search operator, site colon:domain  of the site. space, where to buy, For example, “ where to buy.

You can also add more to your list by first checking your product categories. If you own a music online store, you have product categories like violin, viola, double bass.

Then check on Google to see if there are where to buy pages for those product categories.

Find where to buy opportunities with product categories, so you can do a Google search for “PRODUCT CATEGORY” inurl:links

For example, “classical instruments” inurl:links.

You may also go as specific to your product, and not just product category.

So here are some keywords you can use for that specific purpose.

  • where to buy INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT
  • online retailers INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT
  • online dealers INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT
  • find our products INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT
  • additional retailers INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT
  • internet resellers INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT
  • preferred retailers INDUSTRY OR PRODUCT

Vary it on your partner type and your industry.

Once you have the list, go and ready to reach out to them and let them know that you distribute one of their products (if you’re a retailer or distributor) or get them to include a link to your product or product category page (if it’s a resource page).