This is where you get publishers to link to you without begging. Instead of you reaching out to people who might link to your page, you might as well want to let them come to you and give you links, without you even noticing that you even got those backlinks. 

How can you do apply this link building strategy?

First is to find source-to-cite- queries. These are keywords, words, phrases that people are searching for when they are looking for more references to consider when they’re creating their content. It’s like when they are in their research phrase for their content. So normally they would go on Google and type in reference-like keywords.

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So you want your content to be on the top spots when they search for their keywords. Because chances are your content will be picked as one of their references (giving you links from their content). 

So those keywords are statistics, templates, letters & proposals. For example in the career space, bloggers who are writing about job hunting might go to Google and search for resume templates. So you as a content creator, you want to rank for those keywords, because other content creators might use your resume template page in their content (with links to it). 

You wanna make sure to check those keywords if there are linking opportunities. To do that, you use Mozbar which helps you quickly check on the search results the number of referring links to the pages ranking for the query.

The reason why you have to do this is that you want to make sure there is a linking potential in that keyword that you’re targeting. 

The next thing you want to do is to create content targeting the source-to-cite query, whether that is a statistic, template, or proposal. 

You may want to check these websites to gather some public data information. Websites like,,, and 

After you build the content, you also want to promote it to gain backlinks. So that it can rank for the keyword you’re targeting. 

So how do you apply a source-to-cite link building strategy? 

Find keywords content creators are searching for when they are researching for additional references for their content. Then check using Mozbar to see if there are linking opportunities for that keyword. Then create content around that topic. It could be a template, statistic, or proposal.