Discovering new link building ideas requires creativity. Given that the more problems you encounter in the space, the more you should think outside of the box to constantly provide solutions to those problems.

To solve a problem is to build links.

Broken link building (helping someone’s fix a dead link on his page) and guest blogging (helping someone to provide regular content on his site) are a few examples that directly explains how link building solves other people’s problems.

In this post, I’d like to cover a few quotes and techniques from some of the best link building experts in town and some link building ideas from anonymous people.

Note: If you’d like to add your actionable link building ideas or tips, then you can submit them here.

To educate is not just the best way to sell. It’s also the best way to build links.

If you have successful evergreen blog posts (that have natural links), make them a page (pages have higher staying power in SERPs).

How to find pages on your site that have natural links:

  • Use OSE or your favorite tool to discover your sites’ top linkable assets.


  • Go to Top Pages tab to see your most linkable assets (use linking root domains as your metric).


  • You can filter the internal links by http status (e.g. 200) to only find live pages.
  • Another trick is to filter the results by 400 status to find dead pages on your site. Recreate those content assets and reach out to the past linkers of those dead pages, asking to link to your newly created pages.

Don’t build links to rank for a keyword. Build links to improve domain authority and so as to rank for all your targeted keywords.

How to improve your site’s domain authority through link building:

  • Pursue regular contribution on two or three authoritative blogs in your industry, instead of doing one time post to almost every mediocre websites. Recurring links from a few websites could help increase your DA, particularly when those sites have high DA, traffic cost (SEMRush metric) and continuous flow of backlinks.
  • Build links from pages that are already ranking on search results either for informative or ready to buy keywords. Given that the more visibility you earn from already ranking pages, the likelihood of getting new visitors from search and attracting additional links to your site is higher.
  • Initiate conversations with influencers and top personalities in your industry. Get into their radars through social engagement and influencer email outreach.
  • Discover dead links on other sites’ webpages and reach out to the site owners and ask if they could replace those defunct links with your relevant and similar site’s content.

Learn more from this post by Rohit Palit on how to increase domain authority of a website.

When evaluating twitter authority, view recent tweets and if no engagement prob not a true authority

1.Find common website type in your space.

2.Crawl in Screaming Frog.

screaming frog

3.Sort by External Outlinks.


4.Build content for those pages.

Link from your main site to your profile pages on yelp, yp, others.  Help those other profiles to rank.



Can’t get your clients to write good local content also differentiated by location? Use yelp filtered reviews & repurpose for your site.


Offer your space to host local events, get citations from those organizations, improve local rank.

Places to find local events:

Begging to guest blog sucks. Being begged to guest blog rules.

Don’t figure out how to get your post accepted. Figure out how to get asked.

Tips to attract invitations from authoritative blogs to write for them:

  • Publish expertly-made content on your website that has unexpected hook (information that people aren’t expecting from your site).
  • Create a press page that includes all the mentions/pages you’ve participated in the past (e.g. interviews) or you can simply include them to your about me/us page. This would prove the authority and trust from your community.
  • Build relationships with influencers and company sites in your industry via email or social platforms to get into their radars, and probably remember you as an author/expert in your niche.

Keywords that don’t have much to do with purchasing intent (asking questions) will be a great for match for organic search.

Comprehensive resources about keyword research:

Lists are easiest way to interact with influencers on Twitter. Engagement far more important than followers.

What to do with your lists of influencers:

  • Check your Twitter list regularly, answer questions your influencer may have and/or engage further by promoting their tweets/posts. This quick answer to Jason Acidre’s question gave me a link from his blog.


  • Include your influencers’ status updates to your outreach to capture their interests and build stronger connections with them.


Simple content ideation:

1. Search title of main customer in Followerwonk

2. Examine what they share & talk about.

3. Find ways to help.

Ways to help your customer with your content:

  • Create content that answers to your customers’ deepest questions. It could be in a form of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or a simple blog post using their question as your headline.
  • Identify topics and headlines that captured the interest of your customers. Publish content pieces that directly discuss those topics and make it easy to read or consume.
  • Add call to actions to your content, encouraging visitors to share or add some comments below your post. When they leave a comment, spend time to thank them and/or answer to their questions.
  • Make your social sharing buttons above and below the fold of the page to easily get your readers share your content.

Simple prospecting idea:

1. Search similar site in @BuzzSumo


2. Sort content by shares 

sort-by-shares3. ‘View Sharers’


4. Export/import to Buzzstream.


1. Find highly competitive industries


2. See how they’re building quality link


3. Apply to other less competitive industries. 

4. Profit.

Use Followerwonk to identify influencers & All My Tweets to find out what sites they sharing.



Create a separate “blank” template for link bait without commercial call-to-actions

More resources about link baiting:


Segment your email list into those who have a Gmail and those who don’t b/c you can simply send Gmail users a direct link 4 reviews.

Draft compelling content for your site by answering FAQs, repurposing from Facebook, using filtered Yelp reviews.


Find content sites w/ high share of voice for your organic KW targets. Run display, form partnerships, sponsorships, etc.

How to get press quotes 1) get on east coast schedule 2) catch breaking news 3) send reporter a value-add quote 4) get coverage

Have 10 of your employees type your domain name as fast as they can and register all of the misspells.

You can use misspellings to earn branded links to your website. Learn about this link building strategy from this post by John Henry Scherck.

Use Allmytweets to find phrases used by journalists when they’re writing new stories, get alerts through IFTTT for when they use them.

Resources about press release link building:

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