How to pitch content in email outreach without being pushy and manipulative

In this episode, we’re going to dive into some techniques on how you can persuade your potential linkers to link to you by applying one simple trick in email outreach. 

At the end of this episode, you’ll discover a way to make your content more irresistible, like a product/service to get your prospects to take any action. 


Link building involves persuasion

One of the things that marketers don’t understand is that link building isn’t about you. Link building isn’t about pushing them to link to you without providing any value beforehand.

Link building is like selling. 

You have to know the psychology of why people buy from you — in this case, you’re not selling any product or service, but rather your content. Whether that content is a guest post, visual assets, interactive content, or a story of your brand.

If you know these simple tips, you’ll be able to pitch your content in email outreach in a way that gets people’s attention — so they’ll end up promoting your content piece, with links to your website. 

Emphasize the intended value of your content

The psychology of link building is leaning towards the value of content – and you may have heard, but it’s the truth before you even craft your email pitch.

Knowing the value, particularly, the intended value of your content. Well, that means your content has a specific objective to achieve and measure.

So if you’re offering a free guest article for a blog, the intended value is education for the part of the readers. 

Understanding that, you wouldn’t pitch without thinking of your prospect’s existing readers in mind. Your topics would lean towards the untapped topics the blog hasn’t published yet. 

Now, this leads us to the second tip, which is:

Know what differentiates your content from its competitors

With hundreds of emails, journalists and publishers are receiving probably every single day, you would want your email to stand among email pitches.

How can you do that, is simply to look for this thing called: unique value proposition.

A unique value proposition makes your content more irresistible. 

Who would want to promote your content if it is not the same old stuff people see but rather coming from a unique angle or a brand new topic.

Look at your competing content and what are the things they haven’t included in their assets, so you can include it in your content piece. 

Either your content asset becomes long-form, or it includes data points or other content formats like videos and graphics that make the content more diverse in terms of learning styles. 

When writing your email pitch, think of what makes your content standout targeting the right audience of your prospect.

Including data points for example if it is a statistics or survey type of content can best work. 

Use copywriting technique to get prospects glued to your email

The moment your prospects open your email, you want them to read the entire email from start to its finish.

The way to do that is not to turn your boring email into an irresistible email pitch. 

One technique that you can use is a copywriting tip: grease-slide copy

Grease-slide copy is a copywriting technique used to keep readers glued to the page.  

You can insert phrases to your email to let your target linkers read through the copy without them even realizing it.

So phrases like:

  • But wait – there’s more. 
  • Yes, you read that right! 
  • We’re not through yet.

The whole point of grease-slide words and phrases is simple, once you start reading, you can’t stop reading. It’s the perfect tool for an outreach email because it helps you quickly connect to someone who probably doesn’t know who you are.

So there you go, you discovered 3 simple tricks to pitch your content to publishers and other potential linkers without being pushy and manipulative. 

Before you go, I have a special gift for you.  if you want done-for-you email templates, simply go to the description of this podcast episode. Go to the link that I shared there. These are email templates for link building strategies that you can easily copy and paste and get results for your outreach campaign. 

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