There is one thing that HR people do every day that can help you generate high-quality backlinks.

And that is using job boards to hire people. 

You won’t do the hiring here. But you will use HR assets online to be able to get backlinks to your website. 

Here is how you can start.

Find job boards list in your local city

There are resource pages that list down all of the available job sites and job boards within a local city or area. 

For instance, there is a job board list page for anyone looking for work in Massachusetts. On that list, you’ll see different career websites and specific job board links from brands looking for hires.

This link building strategy is mostly applicable to startups, particularly tech companies.

There are a lot of job boards list pages that you can find online. Here are some keywords that you can use to find them:

  1. “Job search” “resources” “CITY”
  2. employment” inurl:resources “CITY”
  3. “job hunting” resources “CITY”
  4. inurl:careers “CITY”

Let’s say you have a job board list on your site. What you can do now is offer your job board as an additional resource to prospected resource pages.

When you do outreach, simply make a suggestion for your resource page. You’re not coming off as someone pushing them to link to you. Making a quick suggestion is a more effective strategy than pushing these people to link to you.