In this episode, I’ll walk you through a process that can help you discover topical keywords that help you earn backlinks.

Let’s face it when ranking for keywords, it’s more of targeting the right keywords. And once you rank, you gain more traffic from your rankings.

But what I’d be discussing with you is hitting two birds with one stone.

Find keywords that you’re capable of ranking.

Find keywords that you’re capable of earning links through rankings. 

Let’s get started.

So how do you find linkable rankable topics?

It’s good if you will be reading the article version of this podcast, as you can see the exact screenshots of the steps.


How To Find Highly Linkable Topics and Rankable Pages

The first step in finding the linkable rankable topics is: 

Step 1: Find pages currently ranking for keywords

Discover pages of your website or other websites to find pages sitting on pages 5 to 20. These are your webpages or other people’s webpage that are on pages  1 and 2 in Google.

You can use backlink analysis tools like Ahrefs to plug in your website or one of your competitors’ websites.

ahrefs competitors website

Then go to Top Pages feature of Ahrefs, there you’ll see all of the top pages of the website.

ahrefs tuck top pages

Next is you filter pages by ranking position. So put position 5 to 15 in the filter search of Position. The tool would reveal to you pages currently ranking for positions 5 to 15.

ahrefs top pages sort ranking positions

Export this list into csv. 

You can import this csv file into Google Sheet. 

csv google sheets

The next thing you want to do is:

Step 2: Discover keywords with good search volume (from ranking pages)

How do you do that?

Filter the list you have on your Google Sheet for 0 referring domains and search volume of over 50 plus. 

csv sort by position search volume

By doing this, you’ll get to see keywords with good search volume.

But you don’t stop there. 

You want to find keywords you know you can rank for.

Step 3: Choose rankable keywords

So you can use Keyword Difficulty as your determining factor here.

Sort keywords from lowest to highest KD or Keyword Difficulty. 

You may also want to check the search results for each keyword and see if you can really rank for the keyword.

The way to do that is to check the Domain Authority of websites currently ranking. Are they higher or lower than the DR of your website?

Another way is to check the referring domains pointing to websites above you. Do they have more or fewer referring domains than you?

The next step of the process is to:

Step 4: Spot content opportunities from ranking pages 

Find opportunities for content type and page topics. 

You want to see if the pages above you have the same type of content as your page. Does your page match with pages ranking above you? 

The way to do that is simply to check the ranking page above you, identify their content type. 

Want you to want here is to spot similarities and opportunities when you can create a better version of that content type. 

And lastly is to:

Step 5: Choose linkable and rankable topics to go first

Given that you have chosen and filtered keywords where your pages or pages from other websites are currently ranking for.

And you have trimmed down to keywords that are linkable as there are referring domains pointing to pages above you. As well as these keywords are rankable based on your site’s rankability – you now have a solid list of keywords.

It’s time for you to decide which one keyword to attack. 

So there you go, you discovered this 5 step process to find highly linkable and rankable topics. 

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