4 easy eCommerce link building tips for product pages

In this episode, you’ll discover these simple tips to help you build quality backlinks to product pages.

Because let’s face it, it’s not that easy to build links to a sales page like product pages. Publishers and potential linkers won’t dare to link to a sales page unless there is a value attached to it. 

Stay tuned because, at the end of this episode, you’ll have a solid strategy to continuously get links to your eCommerce sales page. 

I know, I know it’s not that easy to build backlinks to your sales page.

But pause for a while. Because there’s a way to do that. So let’s go and dive in straight to these 4 easy eCommerce link building tips.


How to Build Backlinks to eCommerce Product Pages

1. Maximize where to buy pages as your lowest hanging fruits. 

If you’re looking to increase visibility to your eCommerce money pages, start with the lowest hanging fruits – pages that have visitors likely to convert into customers.

People landing on these pages are likely to buy offerings, whether that’s the product or service. So if in any case, you get a backlink from one of these where to buy pages,  you get the chance of earning potential customers. 

Now the question is, where are these where to buy pages?

Specifically, you can find them using search queries like “where to buy” on Google. So you type in “where to buy” then “your product”. You’ll be able to see partners of your online store, for example, retailers selling your products that have their own websites.

Now it’s easy to reach out to them, as you already have an instant connection – the product itself. And it’s not a typical cold outreach, where you have to fake your outreach email, all you have to do is to say you’d want to be included on their page, as you are selling the product or maybe the owner of it – whichever status you’re in right now.

2. Add pricing guides to your product or category pages.

The way to get more backlinks to your product pages and increase their rankings, later on, is to add any linkable content to the page. This means that there must be something in your content that can be referenced by publishers. 

One of which is adding any pricing guide. If you can cite the pricing information of your product, there is a likelihood of backlink opportunities awaiting you. 

With consumers today, it’s on their top of mind to see pricing. No matter where they are in the buying cycle, they want information about pricing. So if you can add any information customers contextualize or convey the parameters – that have a direct impact to cost is a good linkable content you can add to your sales page. 

3. Insert graphics to your sales page. 

If created right, visual content can be linkable. And is a good opportunity to make your sales page more appealing to potential linkers.

Could your sales pages benefit from some graphics? Are there any images, videos, widgets, or downloadables that you can add to your product or sales page? 

How about any case studies or sales pdf? 

Because these are the visual elements helping your customers to make proper buying decisions, but also help you get backlinks from bloggers and publishers who can use your visual content for their own content. 

4. Be a storyteller.

And what I mean by being a storyteller is to find an origin story of your product or service.

Talk with the designers, manufacturers, artists, or whoever creator who actually helped design or perfect the product or service.

The origin story can be a citable element to your sales page — meaning it helps people know more about the product or service. And who doesn’t want stories, right?

Inspiring your target audience is a great strategy to get more backlinks naturally.

By giving third-party writers and content creators a reason to link to you – in this case,  an origin story about your product or service, there is no impossibility to link to your eCommerce product page. 

So there you go, you discovered 4 easy eCommerce link building tips for product pages that can help you increase your rankings targeting product keywords. 

Before you go, I have a special gift for you.  if you’re looking for ways to build backlinks to your online store or you’re stuck as to what link building strategy to use for your website, simply go to the description of this podcast episode. 

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