7 quick and easy outreach tips to increase your conversions

In this episode, you’ll discover easy techniques that you can apply to your outreach campaigns, so simple and common sense, yet other marketers don’t practice them well in their pitches. 

At the end of this episode, you’ll realize the basic rules in outreach often unwritten, because too many marketers are focused on the next big thing without realizing that the fundamentals make a good headstart and big difference. 


The first in this list of outreach tips is to:

Choose your word intent

What most marketers fail at when writing email copies is that they’re writing it for themselves, not for the recipient. 

So words that make sound enticing to them, but not really adding any meaning to what they offer in their copy. 

Word intent means that you choose carefully your words (verbs/nouns) so you would be more helpful for your target prospect, and not be perceived as misleading or confusing in your message. 

For instance, in the broken link building strategy, there is one small yet crucial detail in word intent. That is using “found” in emails. So you might say, “I found this broken link on your page”.

By saying “found”, what you intend to d, the intent is that you as the person doing the outreach are looking for the broken link.

So instead of saying you found it, why not you say you just encountered it. By using this word instead, you get to show the intent of the word, like you’re someone who just stumbled upon an error on the page and wants them to fix it. 

So choose what words to use in your outreach copy, to make it less on just pursuing them for links, but rather giving them value as webmaster or publishers. 

The next outreach tip is:

Invest in conversations

It’s easy to send a pitch then get a link from a single response from your target webmaster, publisher, or link prospect.

But it doesn’t what most high-quality link building conversations happen.

It starts with simple conversations, ending in some long threads – depending on the strategy, the value you’re giving. 

When your intent as a marketer is just to get the link right away, the conversation goes south. The webmaster could easily feel what you’re up to, why you’re sending them an email. 

So it’s very important to have your content marketers, or you yourself if you’re the one doing the outreach, be patient in your outreach emails.

One thing that makes conversations lengthier, as usual, is sometimes the contact person you’re reaching out to, isn’t the person responsible for adding the link on their website. In that case, he/she would have just forward to you another email or contact person. 

Now, you may be creating a new email to send your initial pitch or simply just forward the conversation along with the new contact person.

Link building takes time, not only in creating the content but also in having conversations in email. So be patient. Invest in conversations. 

Another strong outreach tip is to:

Show credibility in your offer

You know your content. You know what it brings to the table. But your recipient doesn’t have any idea about what is it about. 

By showing the credibility of your offer – your content, you’re telling them it deserves a spot on their page/website. That is worthy of being mentioned, shared, or linked to from one of their pages.

If you’re sharing with them a comprehensive guide on a certain topic, describe to them what makes it credible. Is it because of the authors behind it? Are they experts or experienced professionals in the industry? By making your pitch about your prospects and for their readers, the likelihood of getting a favor from them is higher. 

The next outreach angle to look at is:

Use the power of association 

By associating yourself with other like-minded people, especially the ones in higher authority or influence, you get to perceive yourself in the market as someone in the group as well. 

So if you want to take your outreach emails to the next level, you can add partners/publishers you’ve been associated in the past to increase the authority and credibility of your pitch.

Association provides a way for recipients to know who you really are. This builds social proof and increases trust between you and them. 

One critical factor we’re looking at when working with enterprise brands is association. It’s so much easy to get backlinks from publishers once they know what our client brand is all about. 

Yes, it’s about the quality of content. But in the sea of sameness, one thing that will differentiate your pitch is how you establish the credibility of your website/brands. And that would be achievable through association. 

Don’t forget to follow-up prospects.

Sounds like very common sense, but often a forgotten rule in outreach, especially if you’re sending emails to hundreds of emails.

The ones you’ve contacted using their contact forms on their websites would be missed out opportunities, given it’s an extra effort to contact them again through contact forms.

1 to 2 follow-up emails will do. Overdoing it will kill your outreach campaign. Be careful not to make your email a spam email account.

Gentle follow-ups are important to make sure you’re reiterating the value of your pitch. But please don’t just copy and paste your initial email. Restructure follow-ups in such a way that is just a reminder of what they’ve missed (few details of the value, not the entirety of it).

So there you go, you discovered 5 quick and easy tips to increase conversions in your outreach campaign. 

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