How to Build Backlinks to Every Content You Publish Everyday





Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here. Director of Marketing at SharpRocket. Today, I’ll answer one question on Quora. He said, how can I build backlinks to each blog post if I’m pumping out content everyday?

First things first, I assume that your content isn’t a rehashed or a duplicate of content of another brand. And it’s something that really provides value to your audience. It’s something that you are very proud of to promote massively to your audience.

I assume it’s a great content that you are putting out every single day. Otherwise, I’d rather

spend my time publishing one or two high-quality blog post every week, promoting it to my audience. I assume it’s a great content


There are two things that you can do:


Hire a virtual assistant. Here in the Philippines, you can hire someone around, $5 or $7 per hour

What you can do is take a video of you working on the campaign prospecting for link opportunities or blogs in your industry and doing the email outreach. Document it. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you document that video.


Send it to the VA and help him or her. In that way, you can semi-automate your outreach to that person.


Second thing that you can do is to do Facebook advertising. Retarget your website visitors. You can create a custom audience based on the website visitors. And it will retarget those who visit your website, it will show in their newsfeed. The thing here is that you need to customize it a little bit more in detail specific to the industry or topic of each of your blog posts. You can use that customized audience to every content that you promote


Two things: Hire a virtual assistant to semi-automate your outreach or link prospecting process


Second thing is semi-automate content promotion using Facebook advertising. I hope I answer your question. I want you to build more links to rocket up your rankings.