Increase your bookings through SEO.

As a marketer for a travel website, increasing your customers and online bookings is challenging.

You probably have spent thousands of dollars in paid advertising, but you’re getting nowhere with your marketing campaign. If that’s the case, it is time to pursue another marketing channel to increase your clients.

Here comes SEO.

Search engine optimization, also known in its acronym “SEO” is the process of ranking your travel website for your target keywords. So when they search for “travel services in New Jersey”, your travel website will show up.

Through first page rankings, you get organic visitors from Google and other search engines. This allows you to get more clients and projects.

There are many parts of SEO. We have a technical audit, on page optimization, content marketing, and link building — these are all needed to rank your website on search.

Complex terms? Nope. travel SEO is simple.

If you work with a specialized travel SEO agency, you don’t have to stress yourself.

[Insert generic travel SEO agency headline]

We're not like this. We are a specialized SEO agency.

When you type in “vacation rental in San Francisco”, you’ll see several agencies with generic headlines on their homepage. They offer generic services – providing generic value.

You don’t want generic services, do you?

You want travel SEO experts who can deliver value to your travel website by giving the results that you need. As a marketer for a travel website, you want to gain value through first page rankings and excellent client experience.

Like your reception team is busy with your customers, find a travel SEO agency productive in helping you achieve your bottom-line goals.

What does it look like to be our SEO partner? Here is what we further meant by that.

We do link building – the hardest part of travel SEO services.

Travel search engine optimization requires a solid approach for marketers and travel SEO specialists to get their website to rank for search engine results pages.

If you want to show up on the first page in rankings, you need to know how SEO works and its application to your travel website. You must know how to do keyword research, SEO audit, link building, while giving time for other digital marketing initiatives such as website development, website design, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization (to name a few).

This is a challenging task. Don’t do it yourself. Instead, consider hiring a travel digital marketing agency.

Experience a Stress-Proof SEO Campaign.Hire an SEO Team That Delivers Results.

We create ROI-driven link building campaigns for a travel website.
What does SharpRocket approach to travel search engine optimization look like in real life?

Increase Your Online Bookings

Whether you’re a travel agent, a travel event planner, a tour guide, or a vacation rental property owner, what you care about the most is more bookings for your travel company. As your travel SEO partner, we help you show how link building and SEO rankings can leverage your travel website for business impact.

Experience Better SEO Campaigns

Just like your booking team is busy with their customers, our team of travel SEO specialists (link building experts) is accountable for giving you results. Given our decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, we know a lot of travel SEO best practices. We keep ourselves updated with the latest Google updates to give you recommendations you only need. You can get free SEO advice without additional cost if you're part of our travel SEO service.

Guaranteed Backlink Placements and Replacements

Your customers want convenience and comfort. Same thing we do with our travel SEO service. Your website won't get penalized with our effective SEO strategies. Instead, your site will continue to dominate your industry year by year. Part of what we offer is 100% guaranteed link placements and replacements on travel related websites and blogs.

Bottom Line Goals Beyond Link Metrics

We keep on delivering results beyond link metrics. We help you strategize what to do next — what specific content assets can help increase your website's organic traffic and as much more we can as your travel SEO provider. It is getting a consultant and, at the same time, a travel SEO link building company to do all the legwork for your travel website.

Full Transparency and Trust

As a travel SEO company, we give frequent updates on what's going on with your SEO campaign. Better communication leads to a better experience for our clients. With full transparency and trust, you want to see returns from investment.

Executive Level Reporting

As a travel search engine optimization company, we send reports with easy-to-digest information for your Chief Marketing Officer. You can hand over our reports to your superiors to understand their business value. No fluff. SEO reports your team needs to succeed in the travel industry.

Ratings + Reviews = Superb MarketingAuthentic reviews from real clients.

Check out what happens when we care about marketing your restaurant.

We don’t work with everyone. But if you’re the right fit, we help you out.

We earn you white hat backlinks through hard work and strategy with our done-for-you SEO link building service.

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Take your hands off from your SEO link building campaigns. Let our team of SEO specialists do the dirty work so you can focus on SEO strategies you're best at. Our white label link building service caters to that.


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John Doherty
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Venchito and his team at SharpRocket are impressive. From their hustle to build their agency to their focus on quality (helping fix broken links). They are a great link building agency to consider when looking to hire for next level traffic acquisition.


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Learn More About Travel SEO

Travel SEO is a proactive technique that helps in optimizing a travel website for search engines. It includes a systemized plan in improving a site’s visibility to a wider audience.

Engaging with your target audience, providing relevant content, improving your site’s performance, and increasing online bookings are all under the umbrella of travel SEO. Its main goal is to take your brand to the top page of results when people search for travel topics and services.

Consequently, establishing a reputable brand identity and giving your business significant growth.

There are different ways to rank your travel website. You can utilize the following tactics.

  • Local SEO
  • Homepage SEO
  • SEO for Property Pages
  • Social SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building, and
  • Blogging

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your site so internet users would see you on the search results when they search for your location. Through Local SEO, people who search near your location can also see your business quickly.

Homepage SEO

The homepage is a very crucial and essential part of a travel website. Homepage SEO ensures that your homepage includes photos, properties, deals, and popular content that would give Google the signal about who and what business you offer. 

Your homepage description is also essential since it’s the first thing that will appear in Google results when people search for your domain. Everything on your homepage should be SEO-friendly and engaging.

SEO for Property Pages

Your property pages should provide your target audience with detailed information about a specific property. If you want to convince them to book and convert them into customers, then you need SEO on your pages. This tactic includes detailed descriptions, rich galleries, maps, services, and facilities offered, contact details, and user reviews that people can use to understand your business.

Social SEO

Social SEO simply brings your business to various online platforms for wider opportunities. Building your social media presence and engaging with your potential customers through different platforms can leverage your travel business. 

Technical SEO

Your site’s speed, mobile-friendliness, optimization of videos and images, the 404 page, and many other site functionalities fall under technical SEO. Improving and optimizing the technical aspects of your site contributes a lot to increase your sales.

Link building

Link building is an off page SEO strategy that talks about collecting links that would direct users to your site. You need to find quality websites that you can connect to so you can increase your domain authority. Aim for quality and not quantity.

You can build links through guest posting on a travel website, press releases, and mentions from travel bloggers. It’s challenging, but it’s one proven effective strategy to achieve a high ranking in search engines. 

You can promote your travel blog in different ways, but you can start by focusing on the content itself. Since travel is a visual topic, people prefer to see photos of destinations that would inspire them to decide. You can expose the beauty of a particular property or destination and share your experiences.

You can also promote your travel blog through the use of social media. You can share your blog on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let people see what you have. Do not forget to post your URL blog on your social media pages.

If you want other options to promote your blog, you can try offering newsletter sign up, guest posting, joining online forums, and building networks on online platforms.

Travel bloggers are paid through a couple of ways, and one is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote products related to your niche on your blogs. When you recommend products to your audience and they purchase it, you’ll get a commission.

Another way to get paid is by writing travel blogs for others as a kind of freelance work. You can also sell your travel photos, monetize your travel videos on Youtube, place ads on your site, and make a product or destination partnership.

You can get traffic on your travel website through blogging, content marketing, email marketing, and even sharing testimonials or reviews. However, building your community and network is more effective.

You can build your network by visiting different online communities. For example, Reddit, Quora, Flipboard, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. You can get free traffic on these platforms once you interact with the users and share engaging posts.

Yes, travel blogging can be profitable in different ways like what was previously mentioned. However, you need to expect that it’s not a one-night process. To earn money on a travel blog, you need to do real hard work such as learning to write relevant content, winning new visitors every day, and embracing techniques that can give you passive income.

All you need to do is to establish your blog so you can attract clients or customers. Once people see that you have a reputable travel blog and you know what you do, there’s a higher chance that they would hire you for travel services.

Starting a travel blog is definitely worth it, especially if you’re interested in exploring this niche and helping others. Establishing your brand at first can be challenging, but it can drive you concrete results if you are consistent and committed.

Your travel blog can be your avenue to share travel tips, destinations recommendations, and experiences with your audience. In this way, you can help and give your target audience the information they need.

Consequently, you can build loyalty to your network once you proved that your blog exists to help and serve, which could open you to wide opportunities.

You can promote your travel agency by optimizing your overall website and exploring online communities where your target audiences are. You need to ensure that your site has all the details and images a traveler needs when browsing for a specific destination or service.

In addition, you also need to create ads online so you can reach a wider audience. Be active on social media and be relevant to your target audience as much as possible. Don’t forget that offers and referrals can also be a way to promote your travel agency.

The best tool to market a travel agency is the website itself. Although you can have social media accounts, your customers will always look for a website that they can turn to. If you have a travel website, you can do all of your promotions, advertisements, announcements, transactions, and blogs all in one place.

All you need to do is to personalize your website with your brand’s identity. Optimize your content, images, speed up its performance, and build links so you can achieve a higher search engine ranking.

You can promote your travel agency on Instagram by sharing visual content consistently, especially those with high-resolution images, which can be connected or related to your site. This type of content can trigger your audience to book a vacation and pack their bags.

Another way is to use Insta stories. You can upload marketing content like photos or short videos that feature your offers and services. In addition, connecting and partnering with influencers can leverage your travel business too due to their stable audience.

Travel agencies get clients through different strategies. Some agencies utilize cold calling, which is direct calling their potential customers. Meanwhile, some agencies place various ads online, on social media, and even on printed materials such as brochures, magazines, or newspapers to attract clients.

However, in today’s digital era, travel agencies are more likely to find clients on social media, especially Facebook. There are lots of groups that you can join so you could introduce your travel agency. Although social media isn’t a sales tool, this is actually a rich place where you can meet a wider audience for your business.

The travel agency has two types namely Retail Travel Agency and Wholesale Travel Agency.

Retail Travel Agency
A retail travel agency sells tourism products directly. These products come from their suppliers and whenever they sell, they get commissions. It is a type of business that quotes, makes reservations, books, and issues tickets, arranges accommodation, reserves transportation, and accepts payment on behalf of the supplier.

Wholesale Travel Agency
A wholesale travel agency is responsible for arranging tour packages that target customers or travelers via retail travel agencies. This type of agency orders bulk tourist products and designs different packages that would sell to the public.

If you see travel holiday packages sold out there, that came from a wholesale travel agency. A package tour typically includes tickets, accommodation, and other tourist services such as sports activities and sightseeing.

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