Quora Keyword Research for Micro Content





Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here, Director of Marketing here at SharpRocket. Today, I’m going to show you how you can use Quora in order for you to build brand awareness in your industry, as well as create micro-content that can rank for long tail keywords and enable you to get some search traffic from that.


Let’s go straight to Quora website. If you don’t have a Quora profile, then you just need to sign up and log in your account.

In the description box, there you need to include a description about your personal brand or your business and include links to your website and to your social profiles in order to complete all the details.


Also, upload your profile picture. The good thing with Quora is that it’s a non-cost effective marketing strategy that you can leverage on a daily basis.

Imagine if you get 15,000, 16,000 overall views by answering questions, spending three to five or even 2 to 5 minutes a day to answer relevant questions in your industry that’s already a big help in your branding,  whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry.


What you can do is to answer questions that already rank in SERPS. Basically, what we will do is to get Quora domain and plug it in in SEMRush or Serpstat.

See what are the keywords that Quora pages are ranking. Basically, these are the keywords that are easy to rank. It doesn’t have page authority though Quora already has high domain authority.


Let’s go straight to some keywords. What I would do now is to filter it based on the industry that I’m targeting. Click keywords, include “link building”, “backlinking”, “anchor text” – it depends on the industry that you’re in.

If you are a mommy blogger, then you can include mommy or parenting tips. For fashion, fashion how-to and reviews. Click “apply filter” to see all the keywords that Quora pages are already ranking.

Let me add another filter, which is the Search Volume for micro content, at least 50. Also, filter pages ranking from 1 to 20. What I would generate now are the keywords that Quora pages are already ranking which means they aren’t difficult to rank for if you will create micro-content,  whether it’s a video, a short article.

Export it in CSV file. See what are the keywords that I can target.

Basically, these are the keywords that have low competition. And you can use video, short article to answer these very straightforward keywords.

If you are having a difficulty with creating micro-content. This is a keyword research strategy that you can use in Quora.

Another thing is you can also check Quora page or question and see if you can answer it. The good thing with this is that these pages are already ranking in search, then these are pages that get some considerable amount of search traffic over time, which means that even if you just answer, you might also acquire new views or visitors over time.


It amplifies your brand visibility.

I hope this tutorial helps you.

Two things that you can do: Plug Quora into Serpstat or SEMrush. These are the keywords that you can target for micro content. Once you’re done with video content, you can upload it in Quora to get more visibility.

I hope this tutorial helps you build more links and create great content.