Increase patient volume through SEO.

Patients are choosing other health facilities because they
are ranking online.

And if you’re not one of the top spots on Google, you’re missing several opportunities
to bring new patients to your healthcare facility.

Have a holistic approach to marketing to include a marketing channel that
organically provide potential patients to your website.

Search engine optimization, also known in its acronym “SEO” is the process of ranking your medical website for your target keywords. So, for example, when they search for “dental clinic in San Francisco”, your healthcare website will show up.

By dominating search, you get organic visitors from Google and other search engines, allowing you to hit your patient volume every day.

There are many parts of medical SEO. We have a technical audit, on page optimization, content marketing, and link building — these are all needed to rank your website on search.

Complex terms? Nope. Medical SEO is simple.

If you work with a specialized medical SEO agency, you don’t have to stress out yourself.

[Insert generic medical SEO agency headline]

We're not like this. We are a specialized SEO agency.

When you type in “medical SEO services”, you’ll see several agencies with generic headlines on their homepage. They offer generic services, providing generic value.

You don’t want generic services, do you?

You want medical SEO experts who can deliver value to your healthcare website by giving the results that you need. As a doctor, you want to gain value through first page rankings and excellent client experience.

Like your healthcare professionals busy with their medical practice, find a medical SEO agency productive in helping you achieve your bottom-line goals.

What does it look like to be our SEO partner? Here is what we further meant by that.

We do link building – the hardest part of Medical SEO services.

Medical search engine optimization requires a solid approach for marketers and medical SEO specialists to get their website to rank for search engine results pages.

If you want to show up on the first page in rankings, you need to know how SEO works and its application to your healthcare website. You must know how to do keyword research, SEO audit, link building, while giving time for other digital marketing initiatives such as website development, website design, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization (to name a few).

This is a challenging task. Don’t do it yourself. Instead, consider hiring a medical digital marketing agency.

You care more about patient volume and cost per patient than keywords. We are, too.

What does SharpRocket approach to medical search engine optimization look like in real life?

Double Your Patient Volume For The Same Spend

Whether you’re a medical doctor who owns either a specialty clinic, care center, or hospital, what you care about the most is greater visibility and patient volume. As your medical SEO partner, we help you show how link building and SEO rankings can leverage your healthcare website for business impact.

24/7 Strategy and Execution

Even though your medical practice may be closed after office hours, our team of medical SEO specialists (link building experts) promotes your services 24/7. Given our decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, we know a lot of medical SEO best practices. We keep ourselves updated with the latest Google updates to give you recommendations you only need. You can get free SEO advice without additional cost if you're part of our medical SEO service.

Guaranteed Backlink Placements and Replacements

Your patients want a high-quality client experience for your practice. Same thing we do with our medical SEO service. Your website won't get penalized with our effective SEO strategies but will continue to dominate the healthcare industry year to year. Part of what we offer is 100% guaranteed link placements and replacements on health-related websites.

Branding For Your Speciality Clinic, Care Center or Hospital

We keep on delivering results beyond link metrics. We help you strategize what to do next — what specific content assets can help increase your website's organic traffic, and so many more we can as your medical SEO provider. It is getting a consultant and, at the same time, a medical SEO link building company to do all the legwork for your healthcare website.

Fast-Response Communication

As a medical SEO company, we give frequent updates on what's going on with your SEO campaign. Better communication leads to a better experience for our clients. With full transparency and trust, you want to see returns from investment.

Executive Level Reporting

As a medical search engine optimization company, we send reports with easy-to-digest information for your CMO. You can hand over our reports to your superiors to get a sense of its business value. No fluff. SEO reports your team needs to succeed in the healthcare industry.

Like your patients sick with their health, we are sick of sloppy SEO link building services.

Check out what happens when we care about marketing your practice.

We don’t work with everyone. But if you’re the right fit, we help you out.

We earn you white hat backlinks through hard work and strategy with our done-for-you SEO link building service.

Digital Marketing and SEO Agencies

Take your hands off from your SEO link building campaigns. Let our team of SEO specialists do the dirty work so you can focus on SEO strategies you're best at. Our white label link building service caters to that.


Are you looking for first page rankings in local SEO? Start getting new inbound links to your website. Whether you're an Enterprise or startup, we know the best backlinks for your website.


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Trusted by the world’s leading SEOs

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Venchito is one of the few people in the internet marketing world, who understands how to build quality links in today’s SEO world. I highly recommend his link building advice from blog posts guest post, long term link building strategies, and SEO service.


John Doherty
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Venchito and his team at SharpRocket are impressive. From their hustle to build their agency to their focus on quality (helping fix broken links). They are a great link building agency to consider when looking to hire for next level traffic acquisition.


Razvan Gavrillas
Founder of CognitiveSEO

Venchito is one of those guys who listens and then acts based on that. He is a professional with extensive background from SEO agencies. He has a powerful link building skill set that can land better search results rankings. They help optimize better link profile from guest post and other high-quality number of links.

Learn More About SEO For Medical Practice

Medical SEO is the process of enhancing your medical website through relevant keywords and search terms so you can rank higher on search engines organically.

In SEO, you do not have to launch and pay ads online to direct patients to your site.

Search engine optimization in the medical industry aims to use strategies that can beef up your website so your potential patients can see you when they hit the search button on search engines. This will lead you to drive user traffic without spending too much.

Taking into account the scope of medical SEO, it covers not only target keywords but also quality content, backlinks, online reviews, site structure, and more. It also helps people to find the right healthcare business that would cater to their needs through the use of Google and other search engines.

The role of SEO in healthcare targets both practitioners and patients.

For health practitioners, SEO can improve their medical website so they can be visible to their target audience and increase their clients. That is through targeted keywords, building links, backlink audit, and producing unique content.

Meanwhile, for patients looking for service or what we call the end-user, they can get prompt service if they can find medical assistance in just a click away on a search engine.

Both sides aim to improve the quality of healthcare through the use of SEO- connecting health professionals and patients easily.

SEO is important.

Although doctors and other health professionals function with a physical clinic, it’s still a wise move to explore the latest technology like SEO in growing your business.

The first thing you should know is that internet users will not trawl for results pages after pages. In fact, the 3 top results in search engines receive at least 50% of the clicks.

With SEO, health professionals, especially doctors can increase their visibility in SERPs.

SEO is one of the most important factors for any medical practitioner to focus on. It is because internet users are increasingly looking for services online and healthcare is not an exception.

Professional doctors who rank high in search engine results are more likely to get traffic which translates into increased sales conversion rate.

Medical marketing is a fast-pacing industry with high potential. As such, many colleges and universities offer degrees in medical marketing and related fields.

With that being said, the first thing you need to have is your professional degree to showcase your authority and legitimacy in the field.

You cannot preach what you don’t practice and your authority has a great impact in attracting prospective clients in the medical industry.

You need to understand certain areas such as healthcare communications and public relations, life sciences, clinical trial communications, and a few more to showcase to your leads.

Aside from your technical skills, you also need to equip yourself with certain skill sets such as content strategy, writing skills, graphic design skills, and web development skills.

Your knowledge and abilities in digital platforms and marketing tools are vital before you enter medical marketing.

Off page SEO includes a dozen of techniques that if you’ll combine would bring your website to the top of SERPs. 

Link building is one of the powerful off-page SEO tactics. It covers building quality backlinks by partnering with the right website, which can boost your domain authority.

The more quality backlinks you have, the higher the chance that you’ll top the search results. You can start link building through guest posting, mentions, outreach, and showcasing that you are an expert in the medical field.

Aside from link building, other off-page SEO includes:

  • Brand mentions
  • Influencer outreach
  • Social networking
  • Content marketing
  • Commenting
  • Forums
  • Newsletters
  • Social bookmarking
  • Questions and Answers

All these techniques can increase your domain authority and once the search engine’s algorithm detected that you have high authority, you’ll automatically appear on the first page of results.

The cost of SEO services depends on what is included. However, the majority of the SEO projects range from $750 to $3500 per month and are still based on the project’s scope. 

If you have a one-time project and would like to compute it through hours, it will normally cost $80 to $200 per hour. Moreover, the project-based SEO costs range from $5000-$30,000 per project. 

In addition, the overall SEO price range starts from $80 to $30,000. All these figures are dependent on SEO cost factors such as:

  • SEO pricing model
  • SEO targets or goals
  • SEO provider’s expertise and experience
  • SEO provider’s location
  • Client’s business’ size

To save you from low-quality SEO services, you’d like to avoid agencies that promote cheap rates of $100 or less. You also need to request their deliverables alongside their proposed pricing to catch sight of what you are paying for.

Lastly, search for agencies that offer customized solutions to your industry and goals.

If you own a small business and are curious about SEO costs, you need to know that there are SEO plans you can consider. You can choose to utilize a monthly retainer, contract service, project-based, or hourly-based.

However, to give you a definite answer, you’d typically spend an average cost of $1000-$2500 per month. Note that this cost can rise depending on the services you need and the scope of your project.

The more SEO services you need for your small business, the higher the price it can accumulate. 

SEO won’t come cheap, especially if you want it perfectly done. However, you don’t have to blow an entire budget to see results.

Spend the right amount and see your small business flourish without drying out your profits.

You can budget your SEO costs by looking at your digital marketing funds as a whole. You need to list in detail your current or digital marketing plan. For example, you have this.

  • Organic Traffic (10%)
  • Google Ads (30%)
  • Social Media Ads (Paid and Organic) (20%)
  • Email (20%)
  • Referral Traffic (20%)

Before you budget your SEO, you need to ask yourself.

What are the channels that generate less ROI?

Let’s say referral traffic and email aren’t that responsive, so you need to deduce 10% each and move it to SEO. Google Ads is important, but SEO can give you more organic traffic. Now, you’ll have a 30% allocated budget for SEO.

If you don’t have a digital marketing plan, you can create a new one and allocate your budget wisely. Just note that you might want to give a favorable budget to SEO because it can generate pretty nice organic traffic for your website.

SEO services usually cost $1000-$2500 per month. This is dependent on certain services you need and the pricing model of the agency you prefer to choose. Aside from your needs, agencies also charge and finalize SEO services cost based on the size of your business and the scope that you’ll require.

SEO consultants charge $100 to $300 per hour, but the average rate starts at $80. You might want to avoid red flags such as companies that offer less than $750 per month because cheap pricing comes with incompetent results.

Consultants also charge based on your project requirements and services your business requires.

Yes, SEO would cost you money, especially if you want a quality result. Although you can find some free SEO tools, you can’t utilize them if you don’t have the skills and knowledge in search engine optimization.

In this case, you need to invest with an SEO agency that has complete SEO services and give you competent result with favorable pricing. 

Note that you don’t have to give up your whole profit just to get SEO on your digital marketing efforts. Just spend the right amount and see the results before increasing it on your next stage of planning.

SEO requires a lot of hard work and you’d possibly result from it after a few months or more. One aspect that affects is the process itself, especially the parts that demand time.

For example, how long would it take you to generate optimized content for search engines? Likewise, you need to tackle all the essential numerous ranking factors that assist search engines to understand where your content falls on the SERPs.

Aside from the process itself that takes too much time, you also need to ensure the latest algorithm changes and adapt your strategy to it. No matter what SEO approach you take, it will take time to perceive results, especially in the medical industry. If you want to see results quickly, you need to implement a solid SEO strategy for your medical business.

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