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Brian Dean
Founder of Backlinko

Venchito is one of the few people in the internet marketing world, who understands how to build quality links in today’s SEO world. I highly recommend his link building advice from blog posts guest post, long term link building strategies, and SEO service.


John Doherty
Ex-Distilled Consultant / Founder of Credo

Venchito and his team at SharpRocket are impressive. From their hustle to build their agency to their focus on quality (helping fix broken links). They are a great link building agency to consider when looking to hire for next level traffic acquisition.


Razvan Gavrillas
Founder of CognitiveSEO

Venchito is one of those guys who listens and then acts based on that. He is a professional with extensive background from SEO agencies. He has a powerful link building skill set that can land better search results rankings. They help optimize better link profile from guest post and other high-quality number of links.

“Links from authority blogs with real visitors and established audience”“All my suggestions were taken into account.”


Alexey Nikolayev
Marketing Manager at TemplateLab

“SharpRocket provides high-quality outreach service you may trust. Acquired links were coming from authority blogs with real visitors and established audience. As a client, all my suggestions were taken into account. SharpRocket team built 70+ links for my website which improved a ranking for main landing pages.”

“Consistently ahead of schedule”“Excellent links month-after-month for a fair price


Daniel Lofaso
CEO of Digital Elevator
“SharpRocket has surpassed their positive reviews tenfold. They are consistently ahead of schedule, well-organized, and deliver excellent links month after-month for a fair price.

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We help SEO agencies, eCommerce, and business sites scale with performance-based link building.



No minimum contracts. You can do a trial test for one month. If you are happy with the results, you proceed to another month. No lock-in commitments.

Yikes. That would be weird. We made it for you, so you get to take it wherever you want.

Once you or your team have provided all the details, it takes 3 or 4 weeks to deliver the expected number of links we promise to give. You may ask, why does it take weeks to build links? Our process of link building is done manually. From the activity of finding relevant websites through search engines, pre-approving the list of URLs, our team of native English speakers to write the content and reaching out to them — these take time.

Of course! Reach out to us now and will give you examples of links we’ve built for our clients.

We work well with any industry, from SaaS to eCommerce to Lead Gen, as long as your topic is one that people use search engines to find. Because SEO wouldn’t really work if they aren’t searching, right?

Yes. As long as they are not in these industries: adult, porn, drugs, and gambling.

You betcha. Got other questions that aren’t answered? Get them answered when you get a quote.