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As a marketer for an assisted living facility, increasing your residents is challenging.

You probably have spent thousands of dollars in paid advertising, but you’re getting nowhere with your marketing campaign. If that’s the case, it is time to pursue another marketing channel to increase your admissions.

Here comes SEO.

Search engine optimization, also known in its acronym “SEO” is the process of ranking your assisted living website for your target keywords. So whey they search for “assisted living near me” or “55+ communities Florida”, your assisted living website will show up.

Through first page rankings, you get organic visitors from Google and other search engines. This allows you to get more admissions and residents.

There are many parts of SEO. We have a technical audit, on page optimization, content marketing, and link building — these are all needed to rank your website on search.

Complex terms? Nope. Assisted living SEO is simple.

If you work with a specialized assisted living SEO agency, you don’t have to stress yourself.

[Insert generic assisted living SEO agency headline]

We're not like this. We are a specialized SEO agency.

We’re not like this. We are a specialized SEO agency.

When you type in “assisted living SEO services”, you’ll see several agencies with generic headlines on their homepage. They offer generic services – providing generic value.

You don’t want generic services, do you?

You want assisted living SEO experts who can deliver value to your assisted living website by giving the results that you need. As a marketer for assisted living facilities, you want to gain value through first page rankings and excellent client experience.

Like your assisted care team are busy with their community practice, find an assisted living SEO agency productive in helping you achieve your bottom-line goals.

What does it look like to be our SEO partner? Here is what we further meant by that.

We do link building – the hardest part of assisted living SEO services.

Assisted living search engine optimization requires a solid approach for marketers and assisted living SEO specialists to get their website to rank for search engine results pages.

If you want to show up on the first page in rankings, you need to know how SEO works and its application to your assisted living website. You must know how to do keyword research, SEO and backlink audit, digital PR, link building, SEO copywriting, while giving time for other digital marketing initiatives such as website development, website design, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization (to name a few).

This is a challenging task. Don’t do it yourself. Instead, consider hiring an assisted living digital marketing agency.

Care for marketing as much as youcare for communities.Hire an SEO team that cares for results.

We create ROI-driven link building campaigns for assisted living and community websites.
What does SharpRocket approach to assisted living search engine optimization
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Reduce Agency Placement Rates By Adding An Organic Marketing Channel

As a marketer for assisted living, retirement, or memory care community, what you care about the most is more residents for your assisted living facility. As your assisted living SEO partner, we help you show how link building and SEO rankings can leverage your assisted living website for business impact.

Empathy and Accountability To Get SEO Results

Just like your community care team is busy serving their residents, our team of assisted living SEO specialists (link building experts) is accountable for giving you results. Given our decades of experience in the digital marketing industry, we know a lot of assisted living SEO best practices. We keep ourselves updated with the latest Google updates to give you recommendations you only need. You can get free SEO advice without additional cost if you're part of our assisted living SEO service.

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Your residents want real support and care. Same thing we do with our assisted living SEO service. Your website won't get penalized with our effective SEO strategies. Instead, your site will continue to dominate your communities year by year. Part of what we offer is 100% guaranteed link placements and replacements on assisted living, senior living, retirement, or rehabilitation-related websites.

High-Level Client Assistance

We keep on delivering results beyond link metrics. We help you strategize what to do next — what specific content assets can help increase your website's organic traffic, and so many more we can as your assisted living SEO provider. It is getting a consultant and, at the same time, an assisted living SEO link building company to do all the legwork for your assisted living website.

Support Like You Do For Communities

As an assisted living SEO company, we give frequent updates on what's going on with your SEO campaign. Better communication leads to a better experience for our clients. With full transparency and trust, you want to see returns from investment.

Executive Level Reporting

As an assisted living search engine optimization company, we send reports with easy-to-digest information for your Head of Marketing or Board of Directors. You can hand over our reports to your superiors to get a sense of its business value. No fluff. SEO reports your team needs to succeed in the assisted living industry.

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Learn More About Assisted Living SEO

Closing a sale in senior living is not a walk in the park. The intense competition grows every day as more senior living facilities continue to come up.

With the growing demand, it’s important to create a sales strategy that works for the betterment of assisted living services. After all, these facilities are crucial in the survival of poor seniors living in such communities.

Successful senior living marketing depends on the ability to know the target customers and provide them with their exact needs.

You will need your marketing team to perform some community outreach in order to determine your client’s requirements. It’s not easy to position your assisted living facility in the industry, but having the best approach to sales is a good start.

For instance, make sure to take advantage of all your resources and put them to good use. An action plan will help you align your goals with your strategies while achieving sales results.

Here are some helpful tips to calibrate your sales team and maximize your sales efforts in order to close a sale:

Set criteria to qualify your prospects.

Prospect qualification should outline how you will identify high probability potential customers. The main factors to consider are the demographics and engagement history of the prospects. Not every prospect that comes your way will settle in your facility. However, you have the chance to prove to them that you are worth choosing.

Focus your marketing strategy on quality leads rather than quantity leads. Don’t waste your resources on prospects that are not going to turn into paying customers. Instead, focus on the ones that can turn your investments in terms of money, effort, and time into sales. Good prospects have certain characteristics like a need, sufficient budget, and authority to buy.

Connect with your clients.

In this stage, you embark on the sales presentation journey wherein you have the opportunity to close a deal. This is crucial because your client is interested in your business and so you need to kill your sales pitch. It will determine if your prospect will choose your senior living facility or look for another one.

Before the presentation, make sure to plan your strategy on how to persuade your prospects. Never use a generic approach to convince your target clients such as a one-size-fits-all message. Create a relevant presentation that will help them understand why your services are what they need.

Know how to respond to sales objections.

When your prospects give you reasons to decline your offer, you should be able to provide convincing answers for them not to say no. Handle their objections with responses that can change their perspective on your facility and resolve any issues.

For example, offer value and benefits when a prospect makes objections because of the costs of your services. Help them understand that it’s easier to adjust to life in your facility. More importantly, give them their unique needs under your extensive medical care.

Use the right words to close a deal.

There are so many closing techniques out there, but knowing which phrases to say when sealing the deal is critical. For instance, you can offer a discount if they commit right away. This is an effective technique because it creates an urgency to decide at that moment.

When trying to close a deal, you can also use the question close approach. A question close will help you create a desire or urgency to buy while getting rid of any objections. Ask your prospect if your senior living facility meets their needs. This is the best question close to ensure you will seal the deal after.

When it comes to marketing for assisted living, it’s important to appeal to both the senior client and their adult child. Traditionally, you persuade the adult child because they are the ones who gather information about the facility before choosing a place. However, marketing to your future resident is equally important.

Most seniors are the ones who choose which facility they want to live in when they retire. But their choices are heavily influenced by the information provided by their adult child. Therefore, when marketing your senior living facility, consider these two factors in your strategy and branding message.

Moreover, it’s important to focus on your digital advertising campaigns that target adult children. More often than not, adult children use their smartphones to find any information about the senior living services they need. Typically, they are likely to compare three facilities before setting an appointment. Some common digital marketing campaigns include squeeze pages, digital ads, and banner ads.

Another important tip to market your services is to meet the expectations of your prospects by giving them a walk-through to the kind of living they will have in the community. Prospective residents and their adult children are looking for quality care, convenient daily living, and affordable costs. You should discuss your enhanced programs including lifelong learning, interactive activities, and other long-term engagement plans.

Improve the reception area and front entrance, make sure it’s welcoming and senior-friendly. In addition, bring a vibrant resident with you during the visit so that your prospect will have an idea of how it is to live in your senior living community. The goal is to spend the day with them and allow the prospect to get a glimpse of the life inside the facility.

It’s also helpful to host some events that are interesting for the prospect and the adult child. Invite them by sending in an email with a captivating subject line. You can create a guest panel consisting of adult children and residents to discuss their experiences. Just make sure to schedule the event in favor of the adult children who have work.

To market a 55+ community, the best approach is to keep a good reputation. It takes six months before a prospect decides whether or not to choose your service. During that period, your prospect will inquire about your services and check out some feedback to see if your facility meets their expectations. They may ask for some recommendations from their friends and their neighbors.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business. However, you will need to establish a trustworthy reputation to succeed in this approach. People will talk about the quality of care in your facility. Make sure you are providing the best senior care service in both online and in-person 55+ communities.

Use social media to provide written and video testimonials that feature valuable stories. People want social proof and boomers are among them. According to reports, 41% of people in their 50s and 60s are on Facebook, 48% are on Twitter, and 53% are on Pinterest. Be smart when it comes to the messages you send to your prospects because they can make or break the deal.

Knowing the reason why a family member called your memory care service is important in marketing your senior living community. Once you’ve determined the reason, make sure to listen to them. Allow your prospect to explain their needs and then provide them with the assurance that you’re there to help. Below are other successful strategies to market your memory care:

  • Educate families and make them understand why you’re the best option out there.
  • Help meet expectations and solve problems to reduce stress while your prospects make a decision.
  • Listen to what your potential client is not saying by trying to ask some more questions.
  • Be ready because it’s going to be an emotional process as families may feel guilty for calling you.
  • Remember that it’s about the people who are going to choose your care service. Allow them to engage with other residents in the community during their visit.

Getting leads for assisted living services involves a lot of strategies and factors. But the main goal is to generate consistent flow without making cold calls, sending out emails, and pounding the pavement just to get new leads. However lead generation takes time and the right approach in order to get results.

The following are some of the most important steps in generating a steady stream of inbound leads for your assisted living services:

  • Create relevant and informative content.
  • Include call-to-actions on your site.
  • Build a landing page that will convert leads into paying customers.
  • Create an optimized form that includes name, email, and URL.
  • Promote your content and offers on multiple social media channels.

Generating qualified leads is important in your online marketing campaigns. When you use great offers, landing pages, optimized forms, and call-to-actions, you can reduce the cost per lead and find quality prospects. Using the steps above, you can tweak them and see which techniques work for you. Your goals should be improving lead quality, reducing vacancy rate, and scheduling more visits to your community.

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