We have a wide variety of industries that we serve. We are highly trusted working in industries like Education, Health, Beauty, Business, Finance, Photography, and Travel.

Yes. We help top SEO and marketing agencies and Fortune 1000 companies with in-house marketing departments to scale their link building efforts. If non-disclosure for your clients is required, we are more than happy to sign an agreement or contract.

Yes. If you outsource three or more clients for a test trial, we’ll be happy to offer a 10% discount on the total monthly retainer price.

We’ll do our best to provide you high-quality backlinks at the end of the month. However, there are cases that we couldn’t deliver because of the industry market difficulty. As such, we refund the payment that has been sent at the beginning of the campaign, net of the total amount of links that had been delivered - considering these links pass the quality standards agreed upon.

*Note: Fees for Paypal and other payment options will not be refunded.

We craft a link building plan that best suits your needs as a business owner. We don’t automate work. We make sure that every step is done manually, from link prospecting to outreach phase.

Unlike other link building companies who have an existing Private Blog Network (PBNs) that get them to build links quickly, our team of trained and skilled link builders put the right amount of time and quality of work to acquire the right backlinks for your website.

It requires handwork and persistence - this what makes us different from other link building agencies.

Search rankings are influenced by over 200 factors. As we work on your link building campaign, you have to work out other SEO activities such as technical audit. However, link building can positively influence the rankings of your website. In fact, it is considered as one of the top 3 ranking factors.

Normally, our clients see results from 6 to 9 months engagement with us. You can check out our case studies here.

It depends. If it’s a new website, you may need a couple of high-quality backlinks pointing to your homepage to increase your overall domain authority. This allows link equity to flow down to the site’s internal pages and let them rank in search results as well.

If it’s an established website, we have to diversify the number links being built to your website; some links can point to your homepage, others should link to your internal pages.

We diversify the anchor texts within the links acquired for our clients. We have branded, partial match, descriptive and exact match keyword-rich anchor texts (learn more about anchor text here). This strategy allows naturally of your backlink profile.